While we’re undeniably still in the throes of fighting for gender equality (check out the fifth action the Women’s March organizations have drummed up for us), particularly with regard to wages, there ARE a few stats we can use to up our chances of getting a fair shakeout. No, we don’t mean becoming Emma Watson (who stands to make as much as $15 million for her role in Beauty and the Beast), although that’d be swell.

As it turns out, your locale can play a huge factor in how much or little the gap will affect you (we see you, Orlando — wink, wink!), as can your job title.

As it did in 2015, job and recruiting website Glassdoor has released a list of the top 10 paying jobs in America. While some of the titles look familiar (physicians still have it pretty good, coming in at the top of the heap), there’s definitely been some surprising shake-ups too: Software engineers, who were once sitting pretty in the number two spot, have taken a freefall to number 11. Check out who made the top 25 spots below.


1. Physicians, $187,876 average salary: The top spot also boasts a rather high opportunity rate, with 7,770 job openings in the field (one of the highest on the list).

2. Pharmacy Manager, $149,064: Those overseeing the handout of our meds also have relatively good chances of scoring a job, with 2,370 openings.

3. Patent Attorney, $139,272: Don’t hold your breath at a quick callback for this position: There’s only 525 spots available nationwide (although your best chances are in LA, Atlanta, or San Fran).

4. Medical Science Liaison, $132,842: This one’s even more grim at just 391 openings.

5. Pharmacist, $125,847: This one boasts nearly double the available positions of a pharmacy manager (5,496), albeit at a $23,217 annual paycut. Ouch!

6. Enterprise Architect, $112,586: 1,320 lucky peeps can snag this top 10 gig.

7. Physician Assistant, $112,529: With a payout of over six figures and more than 13,547 jobs available, the physician’s assistant (2015’s top job) has the highest number of opportunities featured on the list.

8. Applications Development Manager, $112,045: Apps developers are at the opposite end of the spectrum, however, coming in at 516 needed.

9. R&D Manager, $111,905: R&D managers came in at the second hardest gig to acquire — there’s only 185 openings to speak of.

10. Corporate Controller, $110,855: Corporate controllers don’t fare much better, with a bleak 259 slots up for grabs.

11. Software Engineering Manager, $109,350: This specialized gig has 1,011 chances for potential employees to live out their dreams.

12. IT Architect, $105,303: Also in the techy realm are IT Architects, although there’s just 250 of ‘em needed ATM.

13. Software Architect, $104,757: 1,147 software architects are currently being sought.

14. Nurse Practitioner, $104,144: Want to ensure you’ll get a top-paying job? Become a nurse — there’s 12,566 open spots to be claimed. You’ll have to work for it though — becoming certified is no joke!

15. Solutions Architect, $102,678: This one’s hot in Chicago, Seattle, Boston, and the like, coming in at just over 4K job opps (4,174, to be exact).

16. Data Architect, $102,091: Who knew the key to making over $100K was to slap the term “architect” on the end of your title? Yet another one makes the list at #16, with 1,438 currently being sought.

17. Actuary, $99,507: Another rare find for job seekers, the US has just 463 actuary holes to fill.

18. IT Program Manager, $99,883: IT Program managers have it even worse, with only 250 positions needed — yikes!

19. UX Manager, $98,353: UX managers didn’t fare much better at 263.

20. Systems Architect, $97,873: Though it may be under six figures, a system architect’s salary is nothing to sniff at, and the industry has need for 1,167.

21. Plant Manager, $97,189: Help make stuff at one of the 1,286 places that currently need a leader.

22. Scrum master, $95,167: Though the title may not be the MOST glamorous (a scrum master helps a team self-organize, FYI), the pay is certainly nothing to sniff at, and there’s an open call for 2,072 of ‘em.

23. Financial Planning & Analysis Manager, $94,862: If you’ve got a good handle on your finances, why not help others with theirs? IF you can score one of the 501 openings, that is.

24. Nuclear Engineer, $94,852: Considering this job is about as specialized as they come, it’s no wonder that there’s room for 155 — the lowest number of opportunities to be found on the list.

25. Attorney, $94,695: While you may think these jobs are rampant, there’s actually only 1,010 currently in play. Huh! Who knew!?

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(h/t Teen Vogue, photos via Getty)