I don’t know about you, but I have a huge box of my daughter’s old baby clothes that I’m hanging onto for purely sentimental reasons. I cherish them too much to donate or give away, and since we’re a one-kid household, it’s not like I’m saving them to put on another baby. These tiny threads are currently living in our basement, all but forgotten. But they shouldn’t be. There are quite a few wonderful ways to utilize those prized pieces of apparel and give them a new life, from a DIY rag rug to a super adorable stuffed kids toy. Check out these five ideas for upcycling inspo.

Baby Quilt

1. Make a quilt. Making a quilt out of old clothing has been an American tradition for eons. Take the Quilts of Gee’s Bend: These stunning blankets were made from worn-out work clothes and feed sacks, as the earliest American settlers didn’t have the luxury of throwing out fabric and instead upcycled the scraps to make bedding. Yep, recycling has always been cool! Be inspired by history, and create a quilt using your baby’s old clothing. If you need help getting started, take our Quilting Online Class. If you’re not up for doing it yourself, then rush over to Etsy seller Atelier Six, who will create a gorgeous quilt — like the one above — for you using your fabrics. (Photo via Etsy/Atelier Six)

Baby Pillow

2. Make a pillow. If a quilt is too much of a commitment, a pillow is a far smaller (and easier) option. You can be inspired by traditional quilt patterns OR do something totes original. If you’d like to outsource this DIY, you can send your baby’s clothing to Memory Thread Co., and they’ll whip up an incredibly sweet pillow for you. (Photo via Etsy/Memory Thread Co.)

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3. Make a stuffie. How adorable is this whale stuffie made from old cast-off clothing? SO CUTE! While you could make your own teddy bear or bunny, we’re lovin’ Etsy maker Keepsake Softies‘ take on transforming scraps into stuffed animal greatness. Along with the whale, they can also make a monkey, an elephant, a giraffe or, yes, a bear out of your baby’s clothing. (Photo via Etsy/Keepsake Softies)

Baby Banner

4. Make a baby name banner. Personalize your baby’s nursery with their name made with their old clothing. Memory Thread Co. creates these lovely upcycled banners using old baby apparel. These festive banners are a perfect mix of being adorable, sentimental and personalized. (Photo via Etsy/Memory Thread Co.)

rag rug finished6web

5. Make a rug. Give your baby’s cast-offs a TOTALLY new life as a rug — yes, a rug. If you have piles of onesies, shirts and dresses destined for the recycling bin, this is the project for you (especially if the pieces aren’t worthy of passing on to another baby). Everyday Art has a simple tutorial on how to totally transform those old clothes into something oh-so-practical. (Photo via Everyday Art)

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