When it comes to travel envy, couple Chanel Cartell and Stevo Dirnberger of How Far From Home take the cake. The couple met in 2010 and — after spending five years together and more than 15 years building successful careers in the advertising industry — decided to quit their jobs and travel the world together. Their wanderlust has taken them from their home in South Africa to Germany, Denmark, Australia, the US and just about everywhere in between. Along the way, they’ve posted pictures that show how far from home — in kilometers — their journey has taken them. Lucky for us, this cool couple has agreed to share all the tips and tricks you need to survive a lengthy trip away with your better half. So pack your travel essentials and gadgets, and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime.

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1. Make compromises. Contrary to popular belief, leading a flexible vagabond lifestyle doesn’t mean you get to have it your way all the time. Chanel and Stevo say, “In fact, things will rarely go your way, so learning to accept that is vital. There’s also multiple ways of doing things, so know when to push for something, and know when to meet your better half halfway.”


2. Always put the other person first. Little things can make all the difference when you’re in foreign, high-stress situations. Whether it’s buying their favorite snack, carrying the heavier bag, or simply listening to their point of view, always put your partner first. If you both practice this advice, you’ll feel valued and loved all the time.


3. Communicate with each other, and don’t make assumptions. If you want something, be direct with your significant other and say it out loud. Don’t assume the other person understands what your funny facial expression meant or what your exhausted sigh implied. Telling your partner what you want or how you feel will ensure less confusion, less chance of a misunderstanding and more time to laugh.


4. Laugh with each other. Stop taking everything so seriously, and make having fun your daily priority. Ask your partner if they’re enjoying themselves. If it’s no longer fun for one of you, move on or change things up. Let excitement be your new relationship goal.

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5. Take time to reflect. You’re on the trip of a lifetime, so take some time to stop and smell the roses. From Chanel and Stevo, “You’re lucky to be spending your time with the best person in the world (in your eyes). Look back often to see how far you’ve come together. You’ll get all the feel-goods in your tummy, and it will guarantee a couple of laughs.”

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