There’s nothing better than a cool, frozen treat on a hot day, amirite? Nothing, that is, except that same frozen treat… filled with booze (frozen Champagne, anyone?). After all, who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too? In what is quickly becoming summer’s hottest (pun intended) foodie trend, our two loves are coming together as one in a fad known as “poptailing,” and we couldn’t be more obsessed. Whether you’re a diehard wino, a rum fanatic or a Sweet Tea lemonade kinda’ gal (or guy!), trust us when we say, there’s a pop drink out there for you. See for yourself with our Instagram roundup below, showcasing six of the hottest takes on the trend you need to try NOW.

1. Winetail: The most simple of the bunch to make, this one just involves adding a popsicle to your favorite bottle of wine (or prosecco!). Cupcake Vineyards had it right at Lollapalooza this year, pairing gourmet popsicles from King of Pops with a few of our fave flavors. For example, try a blackberry ginger lemonade pop with a Red Velvet wine, raspberry lime with prosecco or a peach pop with Sauvignon Blanc. Mmm!

2. Arnold Palmer Poptail: Austin, TX’s Lone Star Court serves up a new twist on an old classic by adding some booze and a frozen treat. Try it with real home-brewed tea, fresh lemonade and a vodka of your choice, or cut out a step by using some Jeremiah Weed Sweet Tea.

3. Poptails by Lapp: This UK company takes the work out of the treat by infusing its poptails with booze for you. At three to seven percent alcohol by volume, you can even choose your buzz level (non-alcoholic options also exist). With flavors such as peach bellini (prosecco and peach puree), a gin fizz (gin, kiwi puree, cucumber and lemon juice) or a strawberry mojito (rum, strawberry puree, fresh mint and lemon), we’re pretty much chomping at the bit for a US launch (products are currently only sold in the UK and France: womp, womp).

4. Blackberry Sangria Pop: From Sloshy Pops comes this little DIY delight of Verdian Farms blackberries, Pinot noir, Dolin bittersweet vermouth and lemon — easy, peasy, right?

5. Frozen Poptails: These frozen concoctions take a cue from Poptails by Lapp and make the cocktail the actual popsicle with a bit of booze, raspberry lychee, navel orange and blueberry mango. Simply mix, freeze and enjoy!

6. Freezee Poptails: Relive the Fla-Vor-Ice days of your childhood with a little bit of clever packaging, a la Repour Bar in Miami.

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(Photos via Emily Adams + Getty)