If you’re all about that hermit life because leaving the house for food is too much effort, we have the BEST news for you. Everyone’s favorite neighborhood convenience store, 7-Eleven, is testing out a new delivery service, so you can get that Slurpee without even leaving your couch.

Our beauty-loving selves had a full-on freak-out when 7-Eleven launched a makeup collection last fall, but the ubiquitous convenience mart just figured out the next best way to our hearts, and it involves a few quick taps.

According to Delish, the brand just launched “7-ElevenNOW,” allowing users to order everything from pints of ice cream to phone chargers and have it delivered right to their doors, all by using their official app.

The great thing is that not only can you order all your favorite go-to hangover snacks, you can get all kinds of must-haves, including Chapstick and earbuds. Delish figured out that so far, there’s no delivery minimum, but each purchase includes a $4.50 delivery fee, which is truly nothing when it comes to the convenience of never leaving your house, right?

You can also arrange for an in-store pickup if you’re in a rush and can’t search the shelves yourself, which is genius. The only catch? So far, the delivery service is being tested at 10 7-Eleven locations in downtown and uptown Dallas. So while Texans can get their powdered doughnut fix right to their doors now, the rest of us will have to wait, as 7-Eleven plans to roll out the service to more locations throughout the US in 2018.

7-Eleven delivery is everything we never knew we needed, and we can’t wait until it goes nationwide next year!

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(Photos via Larry Marano + Joe Raedle/Getty)