There are plenty of ways to mark milestones in our lives. Celebrating our 30th聽birthday by partying with our besties. Heading off on a post-graduation trip to mark our newly-earned adult freedom. Buying an expensive car to indulge in a mid-life 鈥渃risis.鈥 But what about when we hit 81? That鈥檚 easy. A tattoo, of course. At least, if you鈥檙e Dame Judi Dench.

Judi Dench

The woman who has starred in more movies than we can count 鈥 and has earned almost as many awards 鈥 continues to be major mentor #goals with her new body ink. Not the first time she鈥檚 dared to adorn her skin, check her out at the Gala Evening marking the 60th anniversary of The Duke of Edinburgh鈥檚 Award earlier this month, where she had a sly 007 鈥渄iamonte鈥 design on the back of her left shoulder.

Judi Dench _ 007

But this time around, the body art is MUCH more permanent. To celebrate her 81st birthday, the Dame had 鈥渃arpe diem鈥 tattooed on her wrist. A gift from her daughter, Finty Williams, Judi told Surrey Life, 鈥淭hat鈥檚 my motto: seize the day. Finty gave it to me for my 81st birthday 鈥 she鈥檚 wonderful with surprises.鈥

Carpe diem, friends, and happy birthday, Dame Judi!

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(h/t Vanity Fair, photos via Anthony Harvey, Eamonn M. McCormack, WPA Pool/Getty)