A Genius Just Turned Trump Insult into Clinton Support
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A Genius Just Turned Trump Insult into Clinton Support

Life is all about perspective. During last night’s debate, Donald Trump let loose an insult just moments after saying nobody respected women more than he did. “Such a nasty woman,” he said as a response to one of Hillary Clinton’s zingers. Clinton kept marching through the debate, but the Twittersphere definitely took notice of Trump’s remark.

The ladies of Twitter started making rounds with#ImANastyWoman to show support for Clinton.

And then one quick-thinking Twitter user decided to take action and registered the domain NastyWomenGetShitDone.com and made it redirect to Clinton’s website. “I registered the site because of the comment and also the idea of “bitches get stuff done,” Jeff Meltz, the man responsible for the site, told Bustle. (For context, see the Tina Fey/Amy Poehler legendary sketch, “Bitch is the new black.”)

And then the website registration just kept going. MakeAmericaNastyAgain.com was the second website of the night to take the comment and redirect it into support for Clinton. And THEN someone else decided to register BadHombres.org into direct Clinton support.

Let’s just wait and see if “nasty women” becomes this election’s “binders full of women.” Meme makers, start your engines.

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