Spotify, iTunes Radio, Amazon Prime Music and Pandora have all been a great ways to discover music, whether it’s an artist new to the scene or a song that’s just new to you. But while they’re all super convenient for throwing on a party playlist, at the end of the day they’re running on algorithms. And algorithms don’t always get you or your tastes. (Liking Taylor Swift DOES NOT equal liking Kacey Musgraves, Spotify. Get with the 1989 times.)

Want to hark back to the days when a real, live human would make you a mixtape or burn you a CD, with songs specifically chosen for you? A Song A Day is the modern equivalent. The name says it all: Every day, a volunteer team of music curators will deliver a song to your email inbox based totally on *your* music preferences.

As you can imagine, it takes a LOT of work for a self-described rag-tag group of music lovers to handpick new songs for you every day. They’re doing all of this manually right now, and while that may have worked for you and all of your friends in the olden days, it’s almost impossible to keep up with A Song A Day’s growing Internet audience. So now, they’re turning to technology — not to pick the songs with an algorithm (“No matter how technological we get, all songs will always be hand-picked,” they promise), but to streamline their process. A rating system, playlist feature, weekly option and other ways to get personalized tunes to everyone’s inbox.


Although their Kickstarter wasn’t successful, A Song A Day launched an Indiegogo campaign, which lets them keep their donations even if they don’t meet their $8,000 goal. Music lovers will love the donation perks, which include a 10-song custom playlist for donating $10, a 3-month vinyl delivery subscription for $150 and a concert in New York for $300. Rock on, A Song A Day!

What music genres do you want to see show up in your inbox every day? Sound off in the comments!