As mid-century classics do, Acapulco chairs are making a comeback, and not just on the patio. Just as hanging chairs found their way indoors, the Acapulco chair’s clean, geometric lines make it a natural fit with all kinds of furniture styles. Thanks to reissue by multiple manufacturers in an array of colors, sustainable materials and price points, it’s an indoor trend that’s here to stay. Whether you prefer them round, barrel-shaped or egg-shaped, here’s proof that Acapulco chairs make a bold boho statement in every room of the house. Scroll down to find out how to make Acapulco chairs work for your own aesthetic.


1. Living Room: The teal Acapulco chair looks right at home in this Barcelona living room. To get the same look, mix black and white cement tiles that’ll play well with industrial wood and metal pieces, and bring in a pop of color to mirror the intense blue statement wall. (via Vintage & Chic)


2. Kitchen: You may not immediately think a red Acapulco chair would be part of the kitchen decor, but this boho apartment in Madrid proves just how well it works. It feels both masculine and feminine with that pink SMEG fridge. (via Nuevo Estilo)


3. Office: This duo in black is a proper tie-in for the black fixtures and frames in this modern rustic room. Bring in layered textures like the faux fur rug and throws, to save the black and white theme from chilly austerity. (via Arianna Trapani / The Luxe Pad)


4. Deck: This super minimal home in Los Gatos is beautifully punctuated with moments of “chaos and color.” The iconic lines of the Acapulco chairs fit right in with the home’s indoor-outdoor synergy. (via Apartment Therapy)


5. Kids’ Room: This little girl’s room features just the right amount of pink, without going into sweetness overload. The black iron legs on the Acapulco chair are picked up by the dots on the statement wall. (via Danielle Trovato Photography / Bondville)


6. Veranda: The exterior of this villa in Denmark are covered in thin, long pieces of gray stone, emphasizing the building’s clean, modern lines. The minimalism is played up by the geometry of these spare Acapulcos on the veranda. (via Stefan Vessel / Busyboo)


7. Deck: French doors make for easy indoor-outdoor access in this Berkeley bungalow. The wall of windows brings in a ton of natural light — add bright red Acapulco chairs to give a modern sensibility as well as a pop of color. (via Peter Lyons / Dwell)


8. Living Room: It’s hard to believe these chairs were once considered outdoor-only furniture. The sleek black lines of the Acapulco chair perfectly complements this rather formal mid-century upholstered three-piece and brings out the accents in the highly textured rug. (via Foxtail + Moss)


9. Bathroom: Outdoor furniture in the bathroom? This black Acapulco chair works beautifully in this en suite at the San Giorgio Hotel in Greece. It’s just the right pairing with those bold encaustic tiles. (via Lambs and Lions / Flodeau)


10. Foyer: Two vintage cane Acapulcos grace the entryway of Margherita Missoni’s Milan apartment. The natural materials help to balance out the colorful and multi-patterned textiles of the adjoining rooms. (via My Domaine)


11. Bedroom: A white bedroom can feel like a sanctuary of calm. In this room, soft and cushy textiles, wool and cashmere knitted blankets and luxurious carpets add warmth and coziness to the concrete floors. The simple black Acapulco chair works well with the stark, minimalist and industrial pieces. (via Jared Chambers / My Paradissi)


12. Bedroom: Subtle neon piping on the sheets and chartreuse stripes in the throw pave the way for a shocking yellow Acapulco statement chair. This charming vignette proves neon can work in a bedroom when applied sparingly. (via Jonny Valiant / Real Simple)


13. Office: This Paris home shows just how well outdoor furniture works indoors, even with the strong traditional architecture of a room. The cane Acapulco chair and mid-century floor lamp set a tone that’s both beautiful and whimsical. (via Julie Ansiau / SF Girl By Bay)


14. Breezeway: When you’re blessed with even a sliver of outdoor space, you have to make the most of it. A black wall provides great contrast as the backdrop for these white Acapulco chairs. Add container plants for the right touch of greenery to this urban oasis. (via Stylish 365)


15. Nursery: When designing a nursery, you want it to be bright and playful. An Acapulco chair strikes just the right note and comes in so many gorgeous colors. Bonus: The price points of outdoor furniture can’t be beat. (via Lovely Market)

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