If you鈥檝e ever been burnt to a crisp on a hot summer鈥檚 day, then you鈥檝e probably already met aloe vera. For the few who haven鈥檛 had the pleasure just yet, let us introduce you to just about the coolest plant (pun intended) you鈥檒l ever get your hands on. It鈥檚 not that its reputation goes back 6,000 years or that it has been deemed THE first aid plant that makes us giggle in amazement. This meaty plant with teeth (yes, teeth) is great for just about everything. You heard us, everything. Here are 15 reasons we hereby name aloe vera our bestie for life.

1. Cleanser Fit for a Queen: Anything that鈥檚 good enough for Cleopatra is good enough for us. Make yourself a batch and cleanse like the queen that you are. (via Sweet Roots)

2. Cucumber and Aloe Vera Mask: Breakouts? Oh no, we can鈥檛 be having that! Raid that fridge for these easy peasy ingredients and throw them on your face ASAP. (via DDG Daily)

3. DIY Mermaid Spray: Yeah we got the memo. Beach days are long gone for now. (Sad face) But that don鈥檛 mean we can鈥檛 get our mermaid on. Ready for beachy waves? A little bit of aloe will make it so. (via Free People)

4. DIY Peppermint Mouthwash: Run out of mouthwash? Don鈥檛 fret, as long as you鈥檝e got this handful of (bad) breathtaking ingredients, you鈥檙e all set. (via The Dabblist)

5. Healing Aloe Vera: Ice cubes made of aloe vera means we can pretty much use them for everything. On our burns and acne, check. In our smoothies and cocktails, check. In our hearts forever, check! (via Hello Natural)

6. Natural Treatments: It鈥檚 not magic. It鈥檚 aloe vera and eggs. Throw this mix on your locks once a week for 15 minutes. Now sit back and watch those babies grow. (via Beauty High)

7. After Sun Homemade DIY Lotion: Oh, so you didn鈥檛 think you needed to protect yourself from the sun, huh? Lucky for you, this all-star group of ingredients will help you get through it. (via Co Corrina)

8. Baby-Butt-Soft Mask: It鈥檚 impossible to not obsess over anything that claims your skin will be 鈥渂aby butt soft.鈥 Which is why we are smearing this mask on as we speak! (via The Paleo Mama)

9. Head to Toe Aloe and Coconut: Not only do we love mixing two of our favorite ingredients, but we鈥檙e also pretty excited to learn how to properly filet an aloe leaf. (via Our Little Green Dot)

10. Super Moisturizing Aloe Avocado Face Mask: We love putting anything edible on our face that can accidentally fall in our mouth. This mask is no exception. (via Lorimer Kitchen)

11. 3 Ingredient Natural Hair Detangler: No need to fuss with those knots any longer. Three ingredients plus three minutes of your day and you鈥檙e on your way to mane-taining peace. (via Free People)

12. Soothing Cucumber Eye Gel: Aloe and cucumber are total besties, and we know what happens when besties join forces. Pure awesomeness! We鈥檙e so glad they鈥檝e decided to join forces under our puffy eyes. (via The Dabblist)

13. Smoothing Anti-Frizz Aloe Vera Hairspray: You mean to tell us we can MAKE our own hairspray for under a buck and with almost no ingredients? Where do we sign up? (via Pins and Procrastination)

14. DIY Burn Cream: If you love making cookies as much as we do, you鈥檝e seen your fair share of fresh baked burns. Turn that frown upside down with some burn salve, and bake on, ladies. (via Nourishing Joy)

15. Homemade Makeup Remover: Yeah aloe鈥檚 been there, done that. Why use regular old water when you can cleanse your favorite set of eyes with an extra boost of hydration? (via Natural Mothers Network)

Tell us why aloe鈥檚 your new bestie below! Have a beauty trick we should know about? Share away!