Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but according to the readers of Travel + Leisure, beauty is centered in a few US spots and… somewhat lacking in others. While hipster-style has been dominating the mag’s America’s Favorite Places survey in recent years (for instance, Portland, ME hit the top five last year and fell WAY down in apparent attractiveness this time around), 2016 is all about places known for lots of sunshine, friendly locals and chic style. Check out which cities clinched spots on the most attractive and least attractive lists, and let us know if you (dis)agree!



1. Detroit, MI

2 (tie). Oklahoma City, OK

2 (tie). Memphis, TN

4. Baltimore, MD

5. Philadelphia, PA

6. Pittsburgh, PA

7. Cleveland, OH

8. Orlando, FL

9. Louisville, KY

10. Portland, ME

Looking at the cities voted least attractive, Travel + Leisure notes an “eerie overlap with the survey’s top 10 of enthusiastic sports fans.” So, you might want to put away that jersey for a bit, or just avoid these cities if you’re more into artist-types than baseball fanatics.



1. Miami, FL

2. San Diego, CA

3. Charleston, SC

4. Los Angeles, CA

5. Providence, RI

6. Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN

7. Nashville, TN

8. Atlanta, GA

9. Honolulu, HI

10. Tampa, FL

So what makes those Miami babes so attractive? According to Travel + Leisure, “the Florida city is tanned, rested and suitably blinged-out to recapture the most-attractive title.” Sun-kissed, de-stressed and glitzy. Sounds like a pretty attractive lifestyle (or at least vacation) to us! “Since Miami was also voted the number one city for style and number three for nightclubs — including 24-hour-party options like E11even — looking good at all hours is essential,” writes Travel + Leisure.

Sounds like it’s time for a road-trip, everyone.

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(h/t Travel + Leisure, photos via Getty)