Amy Adams is one of Hollywood’s most low-key leading ladies. Although she’s often confused for Isla Fisher, the Justice League star, 42, tends to shy away from sharing too much about her personal life (she doesn’t even have an Instagram account!). At the 2017 American Cinematheque Awards, where she was honored this weekend, she told E! News that she hates when people look at her, which is why she didn’t marry her now-husband, Darren Le Gallo, for 14 years.

Immediately after being congratulated for her honor by host Zuri Hall, Adams said, “Oh god, it’s worse than my wedding!” While that seems like a dig at her husband, the star clarified that it’s being the center of attention that causes her the most discomfort — wedding day included.

“When I’m promoting a film I can sort of be there for the film and I can be there for the director. But when it’s just a night like tonight it becomes very singular,” she admitted, before adding that it takes her a very long time to “relax” in a social setting (like a dinner, gala, or wedding) since having eyes on her is not her jam.

The star did say she was looking forward to at least one part of her honor: Justin Timberlake was on hand to give Adams her award. When Hall asked if she hoped Timberlake might serenade her, Adams cheerfully replied, “I hope his whole speech is in song!”

Adams received her Cinematheque Award for her work in Hollywood. The five-time Oscar nominee was celebrated by her costars Tom Hanks (who gushed about her), Jake Gyllenhaal, Natalie Portman, and Kristen Stewart. During her speech, she admitted that she still questions whether being an actress is the right career path for her, but that her seven-year-old daughter helps keep her inspired.

“‘I like movies because they allow my imagination to grow, and they make me feel like I’m dreaming even though I’m awake.’ And I loved that. I wanna thank you all tonight for making me feel like I’m living a dream even though I’m awake.”

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(Photo via John Sciulli/Getty Images for American Cinematheque)