Oh Amy Schumer, let us count the ways we love you. Wait there are too many. From that epic video she starred in about the double standard surrounding makeup to her faux fall in front of Kim and Kanye to photobombing a couple’s engagement session in Central Park, she’s constantly in our news feeds for doing something awesome. So it should come as no surprise that the fearless, self-proclaimed feminist has found herself looking super stunning on the cover of the August issue of Glamour.

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This isn’t the first time the magazine and Amy have joined forces. Back in June, Amy was awarded the “Trailblazer of the Year” title at Glamour UK’s Women of the Year Awards. In her viral acceptance speech, she Amy skipped straight over the thank you’s and got super real for a moment with the audience (watch and be prepared to LOL). In her new feature story, Amy continues on in that vein, staying super true to herself while sharing all her best (and worst) life experiences with her sister, Kim Caramele. Here are a few of the best takeaways from the excerpt Glamour just released.

On making a point to call out sexism: “Every woman deals with it most every day of their lives. Growing up, it’s just in your day-to-day. There are all these preconceived notions of what it means to be a woman or a girl, and straying from those ideas of femininity is sort of shocking to people. I felt angered by that as a kid. I felt like that was unjust. Like that was not right.”

On learning self-love: “I have a belly. And I have cellulite. And I still deserve love.”

On being okay with being different: “Appearance has so little to do with where we should get our confidence from. But everywhere we turn we’re told we’re supposed to look this certain way. Sometimes I don’t know the difference between J.Lo or Beyoncé or Kim Kardashian, if I look quickly! I have looked at myself in the mirror and thought, This is how you look. Embrace that and move on.”

On her career goals: “I want to make women laugh. I want to make them feel beautiful in their own skin. I want to empower them to use their voice and not apologize. And I want a jet.”

To check out the full feature, grab a copy of the new issue, which hits stands July 14th.

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(Photo via Glamour and Anthony Harvey/Getty)