Amy Schumer Hamilton

1. Amy Schumer and Ben Hanisch had a night out with the cast of Hamilton. That’s right, not only did they snag the hottest tickets ever in the history of everything in town by going go see Hamilton on Broadway, but they also got to hang and take pics with the cast. The captions on the photos got increasingly in awe — and hilarious — starting with a fun “Our name is Alexander Hamilton,” followed by a simple “Ahhhh,” and eventually just a straight-up, in-disbelief, “F*ck.” TBH, we can’t say we’d react any differently. (via @amyschumer)

2. Taylor Swift goes full meme waiting for the drop. EDM is an unmistakable global powerhouse industry, and it also happens to be the source of much fun-making, including, of course, bass drop memes — like this hilarious SNL sketch featuring Andy Samberg as a DJ who taunts his fans with an elusive bass drop. The joke on the genre came to life in a Taylor Swift ‘Gram, as she and her pals watch Tay’s BF Calvin Harris, dancing and wondering where the dang drop is. “Where’s the drop?!” she says, looking at the camera, before it happens and she’s sweaty and dancing. She’s never afraid to be goofy, that one. (via @taylorswift)

3. Reese Witherspoon singing “Sweet Home Alabama” with Keith Urban is what you need to kickstart your week. “Are you gonna get crazy on the dance floor, mom?” Reese is heard asking her mother in an Instagram video on their way to Reese’s mega birthday jam at the Warwick, in Hollywood this weekend. Already the sign of a great party to come, Reese and her squad — including Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson, Nicole Kidman and husband Keith Urban, to name just a few — partied till the wee hours, and even got treated to a special performance from Taylor Swift, according to People. But when Reese joined Keith Urban on stage to sing “Sweet Home Alabama,” you might think, “Taylor who?” “You can take the girl out the South, but you can’t take Sweet Home Alabama out the girl!” wrote Derek Blasberg on Instagram. Adorable! (h/t People)

North West nail polish

4. North West has every toy in the world, and THIS is her favorite. How is it that we can relate so well to a two year old?! We’ve already told you that you need to be following Kim Kardashian on Snapchat, and this one from over the weekend is another reason why — North West is adorable and we can’t get enough of her! In a recent still, North is showed playing with one of aunt Kylie’s nail polish kits. “All the toys in the world and this is what she plays with,” the caption reads. Also, is she sitting in a bath tub?! Same, North. (via @kimmysnapchats)

5. Have these Winnie the Pooh face masks taken the sheet mask trend too far? Cute. And also: KIND OF TERRIFYING. (via Kotaku)

6. Quote of the day: “”just setting up my twttr” — Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, ten years ago. Happy birthday, Twitter!

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