Watch How We Turned Our Favorite Piece of Art into This Year’s Halloween Costume
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Watch How We Turned Our Favorite Piece of Art into This Year’s Halloween Costume

I’m sure you all know that here at B+C we love color, so of course, we have a close relationship with Andy Warhol’s pop artwork. For Halloween 2016, we decided to turn his classic Marilyn Monroe pop art painting into a real-life Halloween costume. Take this costume to the next level by pairing this pop artwork with the artist himself for an epic couple’s costume. Head to your local beauty store and grab all the pink face paint you can (and an old towel to help you get it all off later) to get ready to rock your inner pop self.

Andy Warhol was somewhat of a controversial artist that focused on painting, screen printing, hand drawing, photography, silk screening and even music. To really pull off this couple’s costume, you’ll need your S.O. to channel their best pensive artist for a side-by-side photo with their original art.

You may say that Andy Warhol was the first hipster and adopted capsule wardrobes before they were even a thing. Pair with a crazy white wig — we actually bought a wig that had this crazy hair shape and cut it shorter to be more similar to Andy’s length.

“They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.” — Andy Warhol

I had so much fun turning this painting into a real-life costume. Pop art is all about the color, so don’t skimp on any of it ;) For the base of the costume, I bought a white dress that I spray painted purple, bright teal earrings and bold red shoes. Marilyn Monroe had signature hair, so I bought a Marilyn-styled wig and spray painted it bright yellow to match Andy Warhol’s painting.

Time to break out those face paints! I used Ben Nye pink face paint and a makeup sponge to apply it all over my face and body. Set the face color with powder and then use a teal to create a bright shadow on the eye. Finish off the look with bold eyebrows, a red lip and Marilyn’s signature mole. PS: I actually have a similar mole on the right side of my face so I went ahead and darkened that one  ;)

Use a bold black liner and long fake lashes to really take those eyelids to the next level. Marilyn would be proud.

“Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she’ll conquer the world.” — Marilyn Monroe 

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DIY Production, Styling and Makeup: Kelly Bryden

Modeling: Kelly Bryden and Brian Lemos

Photography: Kurt Andre