After the pictures are printed and the honeymoon is over comes the big question, “What do I do with my dress now?” Trash the dress photo shoots have become a super popular option, but if you’re looking for a more charitable way to recycle your special gown, try sending it over to the Angel Gown Program.

Based out of Fort Worth, TX, the Angel Gown program takes donated wedding dresses and transforms them into baby garments for families experiencing infant loss. Part of NICU Helping Hands, this program was started in 2013 as a way to offer more support to families who recently lost a baby.

While the organization is based in Texas, the support is sent nationwide. Donated wedding gowns are distributed to a team of over 700 seamstresses throughout the United States who convert the dresses into perfectly made garments a family can use to wrap their baby in for their final journey. Angel Gown recently reopened their wedding gown donation cycle and were sent 3,000 dresses. They’ve reached capacity for the time being, but once the dresses are processed they plan to reopen the donation cycle.

If you don’t have a wedding dress available or you want to find a way to help before the donation cycle opens up again, you can also contribute by purchasing one of the packages the organization has available. For $80 you can send 20 packaged garments and printed bereavement resource materials directly to a hospital. For $50 you can send a garment to a family overnight. For $20 you can help cover the shipping cost of wedding gowns sent to volunteer seamstresses. Check out the full list of available packages on their website. If you’re a star seamstress you can also opt to put those skills to good use and sign up to be part of Angel Gown’s volunteer fleet.

This is obviously a terrible trauma for bereaved parents, and if your special dress can help put grieving families at ease, even just a little bit, it is definitely worth the donation.

Are you familiar with any charity similar to Angel Gown that we should know about? If so, please share a link with us in the comments below.