Thanks to our constant showcasing of Turkey, Brie and Pixel, you鈥檝e probably gathered that we adore animals here at Brit HQ. So it鈥檚 about time we dedicate a shop collection to these furry and feathered friends, right? Whether they鈥檙e two-legged, four-legged, or more-legged 鈥 we don鈥檛 discriminate here 鈥 we鈥檝e got the swag to celebrate your love of animals in the B+C Shop. Check out our 25 favorites below!


1. Air-Walking Flamingo Balloon 鈥 65鈥 ($25): We WOULD be obsessed with this flamingo friend. The day we got to hang out with him at Brit HQ was kind of the best day ever鈥


2. DOG MILK Dip Dyed Rope Leash Kit ($29): We partnered with Design Milk to create a rad dip-dyed dog leash kit, so now your dog鈥檚 accessories can be almost as cute as the pup itself.


3. Frenchie Coin Bank ($49): Meet Frenchie, AKA the ultimate guard dog ;)


4. Purrito T-Shirt ($24): FYI, the only thing cooler than this shirt is the GIF we made to debut it at Bro + Co. (P.S.: It鈥檚 worth the scroll.)


5. Best Friend Soap for Dogs ($7): Fun Fact: Dogs have a different pH level than humans, so human soaps actually make their skin dry and itchy. This bar by Change Soap smells great, is dog friendly and also repels fleas and ticks. Win, win, win, win.


6. USB Hubdog ($15): Now a man鈥檚 best friend can become a computer鈥檚 best friend, too.


7. Cat Love Stamp Set ($14): Do you ever look at something and think to yourself, 鈥渢his would look so much better if there was a cat stamped on it?鈥 We do.


8. Alamo Square Print ($30): This playful print is a must for all SF dog-lovers out there.


9. ThankYouSaurus ($70): We at Brit HQ have dubbed this dino the Chia Pet鈥檚 way cute and trendy older brother.


10. Flamingo No. 1 Print ($21): More 鈥榤ingos, please! Add this playful print to any space that needs a pop of color.


11. Unicorn Balloon Kit ($12): But really, what occasion *doesn鈥檛* benefit from a giant tassled unicorn balloon?


12. DIY Cardboard Deer Bust Kit 鈥 Bucky ($30): This DIY deer bust kit will add dimension 鈥 literally 鈥 to any wall in need. Keep the bust in its original cardboard glory or paint each layer for a truly unique statement piece.


13. Horse Drink Stirrer ($17): These gold drink stirrers are *truly* party animals.


14. Animal Party Nail Wraps ($12): If you鈥檙e a hardcore animal enthusiast, then you *need* these nail wraps in your life.


15. The Time is Meow T-Shirt ($24): Our digital sales planner Ashley rocks this shirt all the time, and it only adds to her general badass-ness.


16. French Dip Freaker ($10): Yep, cozies come in sweater form. Your next cold beverage *needs* this Frenchie Freaker.


17. Gold Bird Ring Holder ($13): This simple and sweet jewelry holder may be just what your vanity table is missing.


18. Bull Dog Mug ($16): Or, as we like to call it, the pug chug mug.


19. Ask Me About My Cat Tee ($26): We鈥檙e *almost* as pumped about this tee as marketing pro Cecelia is ;)


20. Custom Pet Pillow ($58): Honor your furry friends forever with these custom pet pillows.


21. Flamingos Are My Friends Baby Onesie ($18): How adorable is this onesie?!


22. Happy Birthday Dawg! Doxie Greeting Card ($5): ILootPaperie generally kicks butt at making paper goods, and this birthday card is no exception.


23. Dolphin Balloon Kit ($12): We鈥檙e not sure who we fangirl over more, this INSANE bubblegum dolphin balloon or its incredible maker, Amina Muccioli.


24. Cat Lady Card ($5): We all know someone who needs these words of wisdom ;)


25. Dog Lover Flowy Tee ($38): The ultimate TBH T-shirt. Embrace the lifestyle, people.

What鈥檚 your favorite item from our Animal House collection? Share in the comments below!