We鈥檝e shown you how to wear an animal print without reserve, and as much as we can鈥檛 wait to sport this trend, we can鈥檛 resist bringing a few pieces into our home, too. It鈥檚 time to unleash your inner animal and take your home design to a whole new level! Thanks to a wide range of warm, neutral colors, animal prints are easy to incorporate into almost any decor scheme. Read ahead to discover 24 ways you can fearlessly decorate with animal print.

1. Animal Print Chair: The best thing about animal print is that it goes with everything, so picking up a few will accent what you already own. Pair a print with bold colors to make a stunning statement. (via The Glitter Guide)

2. Zebra Print Pillow Cover ($40): Want to incorporate an exotic touch without making your home look like a zoo? Zebra print is always a classy way to go, especially when used in subtle accent pieces like this stylish pillow.

3. Animal Print Wall: Bring some feline beauty into your home by stenciling an animal print onto walls. This trendy look is the cat鈥檚 meow. (via The Every Girl)

4. Zebra Pattern on Staircase: Feeling adventurous? One fun way to get creative with an animal print is to add it to an unexpected place, like your staircase. (via Attic Mag)

5. Zebra Print Plates ($40 for 4): Have you ever seen a plate with so much character? Your tabletop stops being boring with the addition of this unique pattern.

6. Mixing Animal Prints: Cool pastels pair beautifully with a mix of animal prints and add glamour to the space鈥檚 eclectic design. Yes, it鈥檚 totally okay to combine a variety of small and large animal prints. (via This Is Glamorous)

7. Colorful Animal Print Fabrics: Go wild! Who said animal print can鈥檛 be colorful? (via House to Home)

8. Bring It into the Bathroom: There鈥檚 nothing tame about this bathroom! If you鈥檙e craving an exotic touch, don鈥檛 be afraid to bring in an accent piece and go a little wild. Umm, yeah, we could spend a lot of time in this bathroom. (P.S. You can even learn how to make your own zebra rug!) (via BHG)

9. Animal Print Office: Have you heard? Animal print is the new neutral. Incorporate it into your office design for a classy look. (via Ballard Designs)

10. Leopard Pattern Wall Stencil: There鈥檚 no better way to jazz up a plain white wall than with leopard spots! A simple stencil will add lots of character to any room. (via Glitter Guide)

11. Leopard Print Benches: We鈥檙e huge fans of unique, upholstered benches and stools. These leopard print benches make a great pair! (via Lonny)

12. Animal Print Fabric Covered Wall: It鈥檚 a bold and graphic move. The use of a brightly painted desk in front of that cheetah wall makes a big impact, and it鈥檚 a super-fun way to show off your personality. (via Vintage and Chic)

13. Zebra Hide Armchair ($1,895): A little goes a long way. This chair adds character and exotic charm to an otherwise neutral space. You can snag a similar聽version for $140 on Overstock.

14. Mod Cow Grey Carpet ($7/square ft.): This lovely cow carpet makes an instant focal point to your pad. We love the marbled illusion.

15. Leopard Print Chair: Think you know how to rock patterns? This leopard print chair is a conversation piece sure to bring some serious drama into any room. (via Lonny)

16. Cow Hide Storage Ottoman ($256): Spotted: a unique cow print piece. Yep, cow print is a thing. We鈥檙e pretty sure you鈥檙e gonna fall in love with this trend as much as we have.

17. Blush and Cow Print Room: This beautiful blush room is accessorized by a cow print rug that adds just the right amount of edge to its surroundings. (via Fjeldborg)

18. Dalmation Print Chair: This chair makes us so happy, we鈥檙e seeing spots. With its picture-perfect pink pillow accessory, we鈥檙e pretty sure this would be our favorite seat in the house. (via Style Me Pretty)

19. Cheetah Print Stairs: We can鈥檛 stop stairing at this stunning staircase. If you don鈥檛 want to commit to a permanent change, consider a stair runner instead of carpeting. (via La Dolce Vita)

20. Zebra Stripes + Cheetah Spots: Some things just never go out of style and animal print is one of them. We鈥檒l take it all, down to that sweet zebra wall print! (via Real Simple)

21. Snow Leopard Airgo Chair ($229): This snow leopard seat looks almost too comfy to sit in when you鈥檙e supposed to be doing productive things. It鈥檚 the perfect combination of style and comfort.

22. Mixing Animal Prints: Animal prints provide a great excuse to play with unique patterns. Here is a great example of how a mixture of patterns and prints can beautifully complement one another. (via The White Buffalo Styling Co)

23. Wallpaper: Changing your walls will give the entire room a quick makeover. And, who knew 鈥 you can even find zebra print wallpaper at Home Depot! (via DigsDigs)

24. Zebra Print Bench: Your friends will think they鈥檝e taken a walk on the wild side when they spot this stunning zebra print bench in your entry. Plus, it鈥檚 the perfect place to have a seat and slide on your shoes before heading out the door. (via Five Star Painting)

Are you into the feline prints, or do you prefer a classic zebra (or even the cow print) style? Share your favorite looks in the comments and tell us which of these looks inspire you to bring the wild inside.