Avocado lovers, take notice. If you鈥檙e someone who never gets sick of avocado toast, you need to follow this Instagrammer. Meet Anna Pelzer, the Bob Ross of avocado art. Pelzer is a vegan food photographer based in North Vancouver, British Columbia, who鈥檚 basically living every avocado lover鈥檚 dream life. 鈥淲ith a passion for creating colorful vegan dishes,鈥 she uses 鈥渇ood to communicate a more compassionate and healthy lifestyle鈥 鈥 and these days, avocados are her muse.

Her feed is full of mouthwateringly delicious avocado-themed food photos (we need to know her trick for ensuring perfect avocados every time!), and Pelzer has started sharing stop-motion videos of her avocado creations. Warning: Once you start watching her videos, you won鈥檛 be able to stop. There鈥檚 something so mesmerizing about how she slices and sculpts avocados.

Like Linda Nicholson and her Technicolor pasta, Pelzer uses only natural ingredients. 鈥淚 love combining the creative aspects of inventive food styling with the technical aspects of photography to share the many delights of delicious vegan food,鈥 she says. Pelzer shares avocado roses, sure, but her avocado sculptures don鈥檛 stop there. She also makes avo curls.

And avocado nests.

There are avocado strips that resemble crinkle-cut fries.

And avocado boats.

And the most epically loaded avocado toast you鈥檝e ever seen. (Knife and fork not optional!)

Best of all, Pelzer not only shares her creations, but she lets you peek behind the curtain and watch as she creates her masterpieces, like this vegan snack board.

If you need us, we鈥檒l be down the rabbit hole of Pelzer鈥檚 feed, trying our best to make avocado roses!

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