Apple’s keynotes are basically a reason to come in late to work, and people will wait in line for days for a new Apple product. The brand is seriously woven into the fabric of all things tech, and that’s why we were surprised to find out that we don’t know everything there is to know about the company. For example, did you know that when Steve Jobs was holding the first iPhone prototype, he dropped it into an aquarium and when he saw bubbles float up, he proved that there was too much air inside the device and it could therefore be made smaller? That’s a very unique way to test a prototype, but there’s more, and this infographic created by Shop on Less is spilling all the lesser known facts on the company and its founders.


1. No Joke: April Fool’s was the birth date of the world’s most valuable brand — long before there were Internet gags to celebrate.


2. Ronald Who?: We all know about the two Steves, but who is Ronald Wayne? Apparently he helped to oversee Apple in its baby days, but sold his share of the company for $800 soon after. Ouch. He even drew the company’s first logo in 1976. Now he’s a engineer, author and poet.


3. The Initial Meeting: Jobs, Wozniak and Wayne all met while working at Atari. Our next question is, why doesn’t Apple have a gaming system yet?


4. If It Ain’t Broke: Apparently, Apple really, really likes the look of the iPhone. In the eight years since it launched, the body and home interface of the phone hasn’t really seen a ton of obvious innovation. We’re kind of raising our expectations for the next release, Jony Ives.


5. Cross Pollination: Apple and Samsung have had some major disputes over patents and exclusivity, so we were kind of shocked to find out that Samsung manufactures the iPad retina screen and makes 30% of the A8 chips in the iPhone 6. Say what?

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 4.02.50 PM

6. Numbers Talk: If you’re a PC user and you’re wondering what all the Mac buzz is about, this stat is a big part of it. PC users spend 50 hours a year troubleshooting what’s going on with their computer while Apple users spend a mere five. If that doesn’t convince corporations to make the switch for the sake of productivity, we don’t know what will.


7. iPhone Nation: We’re not sure what the metric is for something to “sell like hot cakes,” but maybe that phrase should be changed to “selling like iPhones.”


8. Not All Hits: Do you remember the Apple G4 Cube? How about the Macintosh TV? No? There’s probably a reason. Even the greats create the occasional flop.


9. Making the Cut: That’s right. From a statistics perspective, you’re less likely to get a job at the Apple Store than you are to get into the platinum standard of schools — Harvard. Likely this is due to more people applying to Apple retail positions than there are people applying to go to the Ivy League school, but it does make us wonder what it takes to make it behind the Genius Bar.


10. Big Money: It’s clear that Apple is rolling in the dough, even without the launch of the $10,000 Gold Apple Watch.

If you want to get more Apple facts, check out the full infographic right here.

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(h/t Design Taxi)