If you haven’t seen Finding Dory (or worse — Finding Nemo), stop reading this and go watch it immediately. I’m normally not one for animated films, but this fish series wins over my heart time after time. We decided to pay tribute to this colorful, graphic film by turning baby Dory into a Halloween costume for babies. We brought in Nicole’s six-month-old Petra to model this Dory onesie costume, but you don’t need to be a baby to rock this Halloween costume. This outfit can be altered for any child or even an adult ;)


Can you believe this was the first shot of the shoot! Petra was a ball of joy and not camera shy at all! The key to this costume is a blue onesie and yellow tutu.


Baby Dory has huge pink-colored eyes, so this is a must for her costume. Use felt to create the eyes and hot glue onto the front of the onesie.


Don’t forget about Dory’s fins. Cut a semi-circle out of black felt and trim the bottom of the semi-circle with yellow fringe. Create two and hot glue to each shoulder of the onesie.


Finish off the costume with a yellow tutu and a Dory headband. We tied strips of yellow tulle to an elastic waistband to create the tutu base, then spray painted the top half of the tutu blue to give it a blue to yellow ombre effect.

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DIY Production and Styling: Kelly Bryden
Modeling: Petra Emanuel
Photography: Kurt Andre