You love pinning perfect recipes. You love baking. You love organization. You love cute, colorful, well-designed things. But, most of all, you love brownies. This all-in-one tea towel covers all that and more. With Danish designer Chris Gojal Krogsgaard at the helm, Bake On is currently raising funds on Indiegogo to launch her adorably useful merchandise that’ll help every home baker master the mise en place technique and clean up with ease. Plus, baked goods. Did we mention that?

Copenhagen-based Krogsgaard developed these high-quality, screen printed towels to help bakers easily access their recipes (no more raw eggs and flour on your iPad!) and provide an intuitive workspace. The towel follows the mise en place-style, so it has space for each ingredient to be in its place before you begin — if you’re not familiar with the technique, you’ve likely seen it on just about every cooking show ever created.

On the towel for chocolate brownies, for example, you’ll find a handy spot for your mixing bowl, spatula, flour, and everything else you’ll need. You will also be able to follow along with the step-by-step instructions there so your baking is 100% foolproof.

Because your workspace is the towel, clean up is a breeze. Simply fold and shake out the excess flour, then use the towel to wipe up where needed. When you’re not baking, you can obviously just use it the same way you’d use any kitchen towel.

There are 15 recipes currently on offer, including banana loaf cake, buttercream frosting, chocolate chip cookies, blueberry muffins and lemon cupcakes, and high donors can even have a custom recipe towel designed as one of the Indiegogo perks. If all goes well for the campaign, you’ll have your towels in time for Christmas!

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