Fall is typically a time when drastic beauty moves are made. That peachy-nude lip now gets slathered in deep reds. Your nails go from neon pops of color to shimmering gem tones and silvers. And hair color gets darker, like from blonde to bronde or from rose gold to a deep auburn. But according to the trend spotters at Allure, fall’s hottest hair color is perfect for those of us looking for a not-so-dramatic hair transformation this season: balayage hair.

In case you need a bit of a beauty refresher, balayage, in the ecaille and unlike ombre — or a regular set of highlights, for that matter — is a process that involves your colorist hand painting highlights through sections of your hair. This allows for the highlights to look more natural and subtle, so it feels like your hair’s been updated or enhanced, not totally made over. Another reason balayage might be so popular? It looks good on every hair cut and color. See how stunning it looks on these Instababes — and bookmark this post for your stylist ASAP!


1. @populationsalon: If you’re looking for something that is incredibly subtle, ask your colorist to chose an accent shade that is just a slight tone lighter than your natural color or whatever is the darkest color you’re aiming towards. This results simple: soft highlights that will create a huge impact on your overall look. (Photo via @populationsalon)


2. @hairromance: The best part about a balayage is that even if you don’t have a lot of time to style your hair perfectly, your strands will still look good. Try a messy braid that will truly show off the artistry behind your gorgeous strands. (Photo via @hairromance)


3. @kristin_ess: Painted highlights in a layered bob or lob can create a visual effect that is striking and gorgeously edgy. Pair with some fierce jewelry and a bold lip and you’ll be ready to rock and roll this fall. (Photo via @kristin_ess)


4.@jessie_khoo: Despite it being popular when creating a muted look, this process isn’t strictly for the natural babes. Once your highlights have been placed, add a bright pop of color for a look that is boldly beautiful. (Photo via @jessie_khoo)


5. @ahncotran: If you ask us, there’s no better way to draw your eye into all that detail than by adding hair gems to your strands. Try out subtle sparkles over your highlights like these silver stars on your next big night out. (Photo via @ahncotran)

(h/t Allure)