It’s no secret that bamboo is one of the strongest, lightest materials out there. We’ve seen it turned into jewelry, sunglasses and of course furniture, and it’s about time someone made it rideable. Right now on Kickstarter you can fund a project to make BIY (Build it Yourself) bamboo bikes that are durable, affordable and totally stylish.

Bamboobee had so much success with their pre-assembled bamboo bicycles (above) last year that they wanted to give people the same bike with an added bonus — the knowledge that you built it yourself. When you get your bike kit, Bamboobee anticipates it will take you about three days to assemble it. In the kit you’ll get seven bamboo pieces in addition to all of the parts you’ll need to make your bamboo bike dreams a reality.

The BIY kit only supplies you the materials you need to build the frame of your bike. No bamboo wheels or handlebars… yet. That means you can take wheels from an old bike or get the parts from your local new or used bike shop.

The joy in this project is not just that you can have a bike made of bamboo (which is awesome), it’s that you’ll get to build it yourself. Other than improving your mechanical chops, this also means that if you ever have a problem with your bike, you’re more likely to know how to fix it since you put it together part by part.

You can customize your bike by picking a color scheme for your tires, pedals, handlebars and seats to complement the natural wood color. If you wanted to, you could even paint the bamboo frame, but we’re digging the natural look. With a $169 pledge, you could get this bike for yourself. Head over to Kickstarter and check out the full perk lineup.

Would you go bamboo on your bike? Let us know in the comments!