If you thought you’ve celebrated enough random holidays this year, think again. Because today is International Beer Day, folks. We’re partying hard this time with a brand-spankin’-new Beer Brewing 101 e-class *and* an entire collection dedicated to the tasty libation. So pour a cold one and build up your stock of all things beer, straight from the B+C Shop.


1. Beer Brewing 101 E-Class ($19): If you’re a true beer enthusiast, then you’ll love our latest e-class. In 30 minutes, you can learn how to brew your own beer with Erica Shea of Brooklyn Brew Shop. Awesome, right?


2. Grapefruit Honey Ale Beer Kit ($40): Before learning the tricks of the trade from our e-class, pick up a beer making kit from Brooklyn Brew Shop. This Grapefruit Honey Ale sounds SO tasty.


3. Bottle Opener Sunglasses ($10): Um, these shades are genius. Why didn’t we think of that?


4. Day for a Daydrink Print ($45): Amen, sister.


5. Team Spirit Freakers ($12): Get your brews gameday-ready with these awesome knit cozies by our buddies over at Freaker.


6. My Drunk Kitchen ($23): If you love cooking with booze, then you have to check out viral sensation Hannah Hart’s cookbook. She highly suggests drinking *while* cooking, too, which is an idea we can get behind.


7. Custom Leather-Wrapped Flask ($31): Because you may as well look classy while reaching for the hard stuff. (Pssst — this would also make an awesome wedding party gift!)


8. Craft Your Own Bitters Kit ($65): Calling all aspiring mixologists! This kit lets you make your own bitters from scratch, and it could become the secret ingredient to your next killer cocktail.


9. World’s Greatest Beer Coasters ($35): Each of these coasters boasts a loving quote about beer, with awesome graphics to boot. (P.S. If Ben Franklin said it, it must be legit, right?)


10. Grilling Turner ($25): Meet the spatula with a sense of humor, AKA the perfect gift for that beer-lovin’ grilling machine in your life :)


11. Beer Sauce ($42): Yup. Sauce to add to your beer. We’re definitely intrigued.

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12. PocketMonkey ($12): This fella has *at least* 12 functions, including a bottle opener. Plus, it’s TSA compliant and fits in your wallet. Yes, please!


13. Beef & Beer Print ($35): All we need, baby. All we need.


14. Best Day Ever Drink Sleeve ($5): And the ban.do girl gang brings their a-game once again. We want this neoprene koozy ASAP.


15. Coast-to-Coast Coasters ($32): Because punny laser-cut coasters are always a good idea.


16. Green Chile Cheddar Beer Bread Kit ($8): The guys over at Soberdough have DIY brew bread down to an art. And this green chile cheddar kit would probably pair brilliantly with an ice-cold beer ;)


17. Das Bier Print ($45): All you beer snobs out there *need* this Lemonwood Imprints poster, and you know it.

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18. Bottle Capper Kit ($20): No home brewing setup is complete without your very own bottle capper. Pick this gadget up along with a beer bottle set and you’re good to go.


19. Luchador Bottle Opener ($8): This guy literally straddles your beer bottleneck to open your drink. It’s awesome.


20. Biere Glasses – Set of 4 ($52): Trust us, finding classy pint glasses is no easy feat. Thanks to Acme Party Box Co., for answering our prayers!

What’s your favorite brew-centric swag? Have you ever made your own beer? Let us know in the comments below!