When any of us go to do our makeup, we reach for the mirror, cozy up to a bright light source and stand up stick straight. When Bella Hadid goes to put on her makeup, she pretty much does the exact opposite: There’s no mirror involved and her stance of choice isn’t actually a stance at all. The model lays down to get her makeup done — and you’ll never guess why, besides the fact that it’s glamorous af.


In a recent Instagram pic, Hadid revealed this out-of-the-box makeup application technique, which is being dotingly done by pal Lauren Perez — the photo was captioned with “She just gets me.” Sure, it may seem weird (or totally fit for the lazy girl), but it turns out that this upside-down makeup hack is actually used by serval celebs, including Katy Perry and Julia Roberts.

Apparently, the horizontal application tends to provide a more natural and relaxed finished look, which seems to make sense — your face isn’t scrunched in front of a mirror, brow furrowed in deep concentration as you aim to ace that cat eye. As you can see on Bella, her mug looks totally at ease. The key to pulling this off is, obviously, grabbing your bestie to get the job done. She can bring the wine, you supply the tunes and each of you take one for the team before your next night out.

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(Photos @bellahadid + Ilya S. Savenok/Getty)