So, you’re on your way to your dream vacation to Copenhagen, Denmark and all the friends and family you’re leaving behind are probably extremely jealous. Well, no need, because you plan on bringing home some killer souvenirs to let them know you were thinking of them the whole time (Well, kinda. It might be hard when you’re strolling through the charming retro wonderland that is Tivoli Gardens). We showed you what souvenirs to pick up from Turkey and today it’s time to go to Copenhagen — and if you can’t, we’ll hook you up with the online shops too… shh ;)

1. Wool and Knitwear: The Scandinavians love their knitwear, and we do too. A must-shop when visiting Copenhagen is the extremely talented mother and daughter knitting duo Marianne and Helga Isager, who run Isager and Ammimo respectively. While they’re located all the way out in Bindslev, a five-hour drive from Copenhagen, you can find some of their knitted and loose wool stocked at Sommerfuglen, a knit shop in the city.

2. China: We know what you’re thinking. “China?! But it’s so breakable!” Yes, but we promise you hand-carrying or just using lots of bubble wrap on this stuff is well worth it. Royal Copenhagen has been making some of the finest china in the world since 1775 under the protection of Queen Juliane Marie. Just think of how happy some gorgeous pieces like this salad plate ($275) would make your mother.

3. Zarah Voigt jewelry: Danish jewelry designer Zarah Voigt produces beautiful avant-garde pieces that won’t kill your budget. The designer is known for her costume jewelry, but you can acquire some of her pieces for yourself at her Copenhagen boutique, like the statement-making La Sirené ring ($178) in gold, her sleek Aztecah bracelet ($104) in oxidized silver or these über cool Kiretsu + Pearl earrings ($156) in sterling silver.

4. Tchotchkes at one of Copenhagen’s indoor flea markets: Okay, this one is an IRL stop , but one worth making. Flea markets are kind of a thing here (including the rather amazing indoor food truck haven called Copenhagen Street Food). Check out the more classic Remisen Flea Market located in the Østerbro neighborhood. Another option is the newer massive-like-you-won’t-believe Loppedmarked in the Vesterbro area.

5. Flødeboller: If your friend is more of the edible souvenir type, bring home some flødeboller! Loosely translated to mean “cream ball” — we know that doesn’t sound appetizing, but trust us, it is — the traditional Danish sweet is made up of a marzipan or wafer base, vanilla meringue or marshmallow body and a chocolate shell. Yum! We like the miniature ones that come so prettily packaged from Summerbird ($10).

6. Legos: Yup, Denmark is actually Lego Land. The beloved plastic toys were invented by a Danish carpenter back in the ’30s. We can’t think of a single kid who wouldn’t be thrilled by a set straight from the homeland. Visit Lego’s Copenhagen Flagship and revisit your own childhood as you ooh and ahh over their impressive Pick-a-Brick wall, which showcases such a huge assortment of Lego brick colors, it brings a tear to our eye. Sniff.

7. Carlsberg glasses: After your tour of the brewery, bring home a six-pack of Carlsberg’s iconic tulip glasses ($22) for your favorite beer lover. Carlsberg was founded in Denmark in 1847 and is essentially the ubiquitous brew of choice. In fact, it’s pretty much impossible to walk into a bar in Copenhagen and find that they don’t serve the stuff.

8. Wooden Furniture: Scandinavia is to minimalist design what Savatore Dalí was to Surrealism — and Denmark is the land of gorgeous wooden furniture. Now, you probably don’t want to lug an entire 12-piece dining table set home (though, if you can, more power to you), but you can definitely buy an accent piece or two, like this handsome oak tray ($68) from Hay House, a premier Danish Modern design house. It certainly would look nice on your sister’s mantlepiece … or your own. ;)

What the best souvenir you’ve ever received? Let us know in the comments below!