Dogs are known as (wo)man’s best friend for a good reason — they’re loyal, make great travel companions and are always down for a cuddle. All dog parents out there know that our canine cuties truly become our fur-covered children that we can share almost everything with. To celebrate the preciousness of our pets (as well as the owner’s b-day or promotion), we’ve put together a list of awesome gifts in the Brit + Co Shop that are a dog lover’s delight. What better way to celebrate #NationalDogDay?!

dog lovers 2

1. I Like Dogs T-Shirt ($24): Dog obsessees, say it loud and proud with this tee.

dog lovers 6

2. Alamo Square ($30): San Franciscan pooch parents will love this addition to their wall art collection.

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3. Bailey’s Biscuits ($14): These all-natural dog biscuits are mostly a treat for your pup, but just think of all the kisses + cuddles you’ll get from Fido in return.

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4. “Hank the Dog” Wall Hook ($15): Available in green, pink and white and able to hold up to 15 pounds, this wall hook is as cute as it is useful.

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5. DOG MILK Dip Dyed Rope Leash Kit ($29): Both dog and owner will look super stylish strolling with this DIY ombre rope leash.

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6. Petcube Camera ($200): This gadget allows you to talk to, watch and play with your pet from absolutely anywhere. Priceless.

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7. Dog Collar ($60): A leather collar handmade with love and care is perfect for any pup.

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8. Bull Dog Mug ($16): Enjoy a cup of coffee the best way there is… with ANOTHER dog.

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9. Custom Pet Pillow ($58): Snuggle with your furry BFF whenever and wherever with a custom picture pillow.

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10. Cat + Dog Lover Flowy Tee ($38): This T-shirt is too real (and probably also covered in dog hair).

Don’t wait to snap up these goodies that are sure to be bonafide hits with dog lovers everywhere!

Which dog-themed present on our list is your fave? Share with us in the comments.