Listen up, holiday creatives: Elf on a Shelf has been *blowing up* over the years. This crafty little fella has been getting into trouble all over Instagram since Thanksgiving — and his antics just keep getting more and more outrageous. Here are a few fun ways for your elf to make mischief and create holiday LOLs until Santa arrives.

1. Rub a Dub Dub: Don’t confine your elf to the living room and holiday decorations. He needs to get clean too! (via @elizabeth.cotf)

2. Extra Marshmallows, Plz: This elf will definitely remind you what’s important around the holidays — eating as many sweets as possible. (via @adieandaden)

3. Making Mischief: When these two get together, you know they’re thinking up a master plan to find the hidden presents and *all* the candy. (via @mummywright5)

4. Keeping the Calendar: You can depend on this little guy to remind you to keep the advent calendar tradition going strong. (via @frinlynn)

5. Color Outside the Lines: Be sure to involve your elf in the holiday decorations and crafts! (via @one.crazy.lady)

6. Crazy Train: Recreate a Toy Story moment with your elf and your little one’s toys… now where’s Buzz Lightyear? (via @sarahrose_0204)

7. Stealing the Sweets: Blame your overactive holiday sweet tooth on your little friend. Don’t worry, we won’t tell ;) (via @yellowmacaron)

8. Getting Saucy: You’re not the only one that freaks out over those big holiday breakfasts… (via @elfonashelf)

9. Planning an Escape: With all of those holiday brewed coffee cups laying around, this little guy was bound to start climbing up the walls. (via @michelemcclearyonline)

10. In a Sticky Situation: It was only a matter of time until the other toys in the house started to get a little jealous. (via @prissy_0108)

11. Arriving in Style: Be sure and assign a BFF to your elf for some LOL-worthy antics. (via @jvbpearson)

12. Climbing Candy Canes: Put all of those candy canes to good use this year with an obstacle course for your elf. He’ll be thankful for the sweet climbing tools. (via @butterflyjenn)

13. Sweet House, Bro: Combine some holiday traditions and get your elf involved in the gingerbread house building. He’s gotta live somewhere! (via @buddys_back)

14. Gettin’ the Nails Did: Get your elf pampered and ready for the busy season ahead. (via @amysrockinjams)

15. Snow Angel: Add a little flour for a White Christmas for your elf. Feel free to use sprinkles instead for a sweeter take on the snow angel. (via @gordysmarket1966)

16. Ready for Takeoff: Your elf has to get around somehow. Make a little rocket and keep your little ones guessing where he’s headed. (via @reneemariephotography)

17. Like a Wrecking Ball: Good luck not belting out this song whenever you see this guy on the tree. (via @aelorencz)

18. Netflix and Chill: No need to binge on Jessica Jones alone, ’cause this little guy is here with the snacks. (via @renaebarnett)

19. Brewing up Trouble: Your elf knows the importance of this morning ritual. Someone get this guy a shot of espresso, STAT! (via @stac1182)

20. Under the Mistletoe: Leave a little stuffer every time your elf visits someone’s stocking. Who says Santa has to bring all the holiday cheer? (via @cherishmadehope)

21. Peek-a-Boo: Give your elf a Christmas tree of his own by adding some bottlebrush trees for a makeshift forest. (via @bonhamlibrary)

22. Let It Go: Some of us just aren’t cut out to be on Team Elsa. (via @g0r_jesss)

23. Up, up and Away: This is one colorful means of elf transportation. (via @traceyatkin)

24. Little Minions: You may not be tempted to reach for the fruit with all of those Christmas cookies around. But luckily, this elf has a few creative tricks up his sleeve. (via @lollydolly81)

25. Go Fish: Stick your elf in the bathroom for some LOLs in the tub. (via @kimberleyjgordon)

How are you displaying your elf on a shelf? Post your links in the comments!