It’s already been sweater weather for a hot minute (no pun intended), but now that December is here, glorious ugly sweater weather is upon us. So before you comb through the internet, looking for a tacky holiday masterpiece to call your own, take a style note from these IGers. That first prize at the annual work holiday sweater party is as good as yours.

drake ugly xmas

1. Add Some (Santa) Bling: You’ve seen “Hotline Bling” a million couple times, but you’ve never seen Drake like this. (via @viviwood83)

sweater polaroids

2. Personalize a Vintage Sweater: Add some extra flair to your pullover with some personalized ornaments. Polaroids of Christmas sweaters past or even long-distance BFFs turn this tacky sweater into a sentimental masterpiece. (via @spoiledavocado)

christmas work pals

3. Get Your Co-Workers Involved: In the busy holiday season, keep your crew from going crazy with a fun holiday sweater day — turn it into a contest and everyone will be all smiles through the shopping madness. (via @crisjennmakeup)

peas in an ugly pod

4. It Takes Two: You rocked the BFF Halloween costumes together, so you may as well carry it over into the holiday season, right? (via @veeveetran)

sweater pose

5. Strike a Pose: Who knew ugly holiday gear could be so chic? Shop around for an oversized sweater to rock it as a tunic. Pair it with some metallic tights and ankle boots and you’ve got an ensemble ready to go for December happy hour. (via @enchantedfuture)

sweater with dog

6. Help Fido Get Festive: The only thing cuter than dog sweaters are holiday dog sweaters. Grab your pooch for some photos snapped in your holiday gear. Your Christmas cards will be A+ this year. (via @minayamazaki)

christmas tree

7. Complete the Look Head to Toe: If you’re not down with venturing out into the retail world during the holidays, look to your tree for inspiration. Borrow your Christmas tree’s accessories for the ultimate tacky ensemble. (via @rachelstainbrook)

meowy christmas

8. Meowy Christmas: Our furry friends need to feel festive too! (via @bananasbro)

christmas family

9. Start a New Ugly Tradition: The family that ugly sweaters together stays together. Get the clan on board for an annual ugly sweater picture! Those holiday family get-togethers just became a lot more exciting. (via @amystrakaphotography)

christmas skirt with bow

10. Top It Off With a Bow: Be sure to rummage through your gift wrapping supply drawer for some serious hair accessory action. (via @thatkatieann)

fragile sweater

11. Make It a Movie Moment: Before the holiday movie marathons start, it’s important to remind everyone of the #1 Christmas movie out there. (via @uglychristmassweater_philly)


12. Swiftmas Cheer: There’s no better way to spread the Swiftmas cheer! (via @brittanyburger13)

ho ho ho couple

13. Add Wrapping Paper for a Festive Photobooth: Before everyone starts snapping pictures of their favorite ugly sweaters, grab a roll of wrapping paper for a quick backdrop. You’ve now reached peak Christmas tack. (via @angela_s_z)

deflate gate sweater

14. Make Your Snowflakes Sporty: When you’re not eating, drinking or partaking in other classic holiday festivities, you’ll probably be watching the game. And this little number takes the game to a whole other (scandalous) level. (via @ashley4017)

couple with cat

15. Get Some Christmas Card Material: Get your sweater game going a little early this year with some Christmas card photos! Be sure to include the whole family, but don’t be upset if someone isn’t feeling it. (via @fluxfunrun)

ugly sweater couple

16. Capture the Reactions: These sweaters are worn to make people laugh, so be sure to capture the LOLs in real time. You can even print out the best photos and stick them in a DIY snow globe for next year’s gifts! (via @leilab3)

stashing through the snow

17. Stashing Through the Snow: The only thing that takes a tacky sweater to the next level is a great pun. Better get those jokes ready. (via @justordinaryjosh)


18. Don’t Forget to ‘Gram: Be sure to share your holiday selfie with your social media circle. You never know — someone else on your feed could be wearing the same sweater! (via @freddiesayshi)

Tell us how you’ll be rocking your tacky holiday sweaters in the comments!