One of our favorite things is when trends build off of one another. It means you get to rock your awesome clothes for another year! We already know that crop tops are back in a big way, but this year they’re bringing along a new best friend — matching bottoms. Gone is the need to go through the trouble of finding something that matches your top, because these sets are, well, all set for you to wear. We’ve got 17 examples of this fabulous trend that are just waiting to be ogled at.

1. Forever 21 Romantic Rose Skirt Set ($25): While floral prints may often seem like a safe choice, this fun and flirty set definitely challenges that notion. Add a leather jacket and it’s the perfect combination of girly and edgy.

2. Pixie Market Scuba Girl Set ($40): This set is aptly named “Scuba Girl.” Not only does it mimic a scuba suit’s appearance, but it has the same slimming effect. It’s even sea green!

3. Style Camp Grace Crop Top + Skirt Set in Monochrome ($65): Made in the UK, this Style Camp set is both trendy and classy. The monochrome palette makes it suitable for many occasions, from a dinner party to a night on the town. Oh, and did we mention it’s handmade?

4. Pixie Market Anouk Florette Set ($76): A scuba crop top and a trumpet skirt? We’re lovin’ the names of these pieces as much as we love how they look. This light floral print is perfect for spring fashion.

5. Monica Lemon Dogtooth Crop Top + Skirt ($54): Dogtooth is the houndstooth of spring and summer. The neck of this crop top is simple enough for you to rock an amazing statement necklace or some bling-tastic earrings. Take your pick.

6. Tallulah Geometric Print Crop Top + Shorts ($69): You’ve got to admit, the paneling going on in this set is pretty amazing. Slip on some DIY arm candy and a pair of colorful flats and you’re good to go.

7. Style Camp Grace Crop Top + Skirt Set in Mint ($65): Mint is at an all-time high in the fashion (and culinary!) world, so the color combined with the crop top trend would make you the most stylish one around.

8. Lacey High Neck Ribbed Crop Top + Skirt ($54): Looking for a textured yet sleek set? You found it. This icy blue color along with the contrasting hemlines definitely make this look more expensive than it actually is.

9. Iona Abstract Floral Crop Top + Skirt ($36): We’re throwin’ it back to the ’90s with this spaghetti strap crop top in a mixed print. How rad are the abstract flowers on top of those crazy checks? We already know your answer — so rad.

10. Wind Chime Raised Collar Top + Midi Skirt ($280): You may be hesitant to purchase a full on neutral ensemble, but before you say anything, think about how great this would look with some crazy colorful necklace. Or maybe even a light patterned scarf?

11. ASOS Shell Top + High-Waisted Shorts ($109): Ahoy! Whether you’re out at sea or stuck dreaming of the beach, this nautical outfit will not disappoint. The sleek fabric and the stripes together kind of give off a Kate Spade-ish vibe at a more affordable price.

12. ASOS Vintage Floral Top + Skirt ($127): As we shared before, florals are spring classics. And will you check out that open back? Yowza!

13. Zara Asymmetric Crop Top + Pencil Skirt ($160): This plain white duo is crying out for some color. It’s a blank canvas for you to decorate with anything you and your imagination desire.

14. ASOS Jacquard Crop Top + High Waist Pants ($137): Despite this jacquard print being busy, it manages to stay perfectly stylish in such a large quantity. In this case, too much of one pattern is still a good thing.

15. The White Pepper Boxy Crop Top + Midi Skirt ($176): Light and breezy fabric is beautiful in pale pink. You might not be sold on those chunky shoes, but we’re sure you have a pair of sandals to create the perfect outfit for a spring day.

16. Tildon Button Back Crop Top + Maxi ($79): Apparently, maxi skirts never went anywhere. Well, nobody’s complaining.

17. Warehouse Textured Top + Skirt ($66): While crop tops may be a little too risqué for work, this set has that formal feel to it. The thick textured material makes it look like a skirt suit that took a trip down a more fashionable lane.

Got a favorite look? Chat about it in the comments below. Ready, set… GO!