There鈥檚 nothing better than wearing cutouts on a hot summer day 鈥 especially when it comes to shoes. Sometimes you just don鈥檛 want to showcase your toes in barely-there sandals! We鈥檝e got the perfect compromise that鈥檒l keep your feet cool (in more ways than one). Armed with chic, geometric laser cut designs and a full spectrum of colors, this list of 21 must-haves will have you head over heels for cutout shoes.

1. Stem-Cut Heels ($100): Cutouts at your heel are oh-so unique, and we鈥檙e totally in love with the fact that these are framed in shiny gold. You鈥檒l definitely feel like royalty the minute you slip these on.

2. Nora Leather Lattice Ballet Flats ($128): Every fashionista needs a splash of hot pink in her shoe closet, and these adorable flats are the perfect pair. They will work with any outfit, from an LBD to a casual skater skirt.

3. Lotus Cutout Detail Peep Toes ($162): Green (especially this moss shade) is just one of those colors that seems to work for every season, which makes these some of the most versatile and investment-worthy shoes you鈥檒l ever own.

4. Holepunch Pointy Skimmers ($90): Let鈥檚 be real 鈥 even supermodels like Kate Moss don鈥檛 walk around in heels every single day. For those times when you need to give your poor ol鈥 feet a rest, here are a pair of cute flats to literally live in.

5. Laser Cut Heeled Shoes ($48): Take a look at these beauties! They鈥檙e practically straight off the runway.

6. Larceny Cutout T-Strap Heels ($115): T-straps are totally in, so these鈥檒l allow you to hit two birds with one stone. We鈥檙e all about convenience in fashion. Well, sometimes.

7. Riko Cutout Wedge Sandals ($650): We鈥檝e never seen this many colors, shapes and textures so flawlessly combined in a pair of shoes before. These may cost half a month鈥檚 rent, but they鈥檙e totally worth it (right?).

8. Delfino Sandals ($128): These heels are decorated with cutouts and tie at the top. How is it even allowed to own a pair of shoes this amazing?

9. Tegan Cutout Lace-Up Sneakers ($158): Sneaker lovers, we did not forget about you. These blue kicks will add a casual elegance to any weekend look.

10. Laser Cut Sandals ($90): This chic nude pair has laser cutouts and an open toe + heel, but our favorite part? Velcro ankle straps!

11. Leather Cutout Ankle Boots ($92): These boots may not keep your feet warm during the winter, but they鈥檒l certainly keep them in style. These are perfect for those middle-of-summer moments when you miss wearing boots.

12. All About Geo-Cutout Sandals ($30): Polka dot cutouts give these sandals a super whimsical feel. These would be an excellent addition to any fun summer outfit.

13. Ray-Star Sneakers ($90): Independence Day may have come and gone, but that鈥檚 no reason to stop wearing stars 鈥 especially when they鈥檙e in the form of cutouts on a pair of slip-on sneaks. They also come in black, red and nude!

14. Scout Cutout Flats ($70): A pair of unique, shiny gold shoes belongs in every closet, don鈥檛 ya think? These are really cool because they look like a pair of oxfords with extra feminine flair.

15. Mac Heeled Sandals ($126): More triangular cutouts? Totally. We鈥檙e especially digging the soft blue color and cute kitten heel.

16. In Love Laser Cut d鈥橭rsay Flats ($105): 鈥淚n love鈥 is totally on-point. We heart these d鈥橭rsay flats and it鈥檚 totally clear why.

17. Addison Leather Cutout Slingbacks ($149): These are seriously some of the most beautiful laser cut shoes we鈥檝e ever laid our eyes on. And as if things couldn鈥檛 get any better, they鈥檙e slingbacks. Double score!

18. Smoking Flats in Chesni Cutout ($149): Oh my goodness. They鈥檙e jute shoes! These flats are as summery as it gets.

19. Randall Oxford Flats ($350): These oxfords come at a hefty price, but how else do you expect to shine bright like a diamond?

20. Loop Laser Lo in Merlot ($195): Comfort is what we鈥檙e all about, but that certainly doesn鈥檛 mean that you need to sacrifice style. This merlot hue is absolutely beautiful.

21. Lace Up Oxford Flats With Gimlet Cutouts ($139): These shoes adore us as much as we adore them. Just check out all those heart-like cutouts!

What shoe styles do you wear when you鈥檙e trying to keep cool? Share your faves with us in the comments below!