The t-strap style is by no means breaking news; everyone and their mother has probably owned a pair of these at one point in their lives. But guess what? This once vintage silhouette has become one of the hottest shoe trends of the season. That’s right, girl: Those retro heels you found in the back of your grandma’s closet are more stylish than ever — so don’t give ’em away just yet! And if you want to buy a brand spankin’ new pair of shoes, here are 17 fabulously modern ways to get on board with this revived trend.

1. Sweetlove T-Strap Sandals ($195): We’re all about zigzags and geometric shapes, especially when they look as cute as these sandals. That contrasting striped bar is killer.

2. Jade Upgrade Heels ($70): We absolutely adore that contrasting green trim. It really highlights the t-strap design of these shoes!

3. Juniper T-Bar Flats ($42): These flats are as summery and fun as they come. Seriously, you’re going to want to go on a picnic every time you look down at your feet. More gingham, please!

4. Mini T-Strap Wedge ($60): The only thing better than a t-strap? A braided t-strap. We’re diggin’ that mini wedge too! So comfortable, yet so stylish.

5. Laser Cut T-Strap Flats ($302): We’re suckers for anything laser cut, especially when they’re as pretty as these flats. That price tag is definitely high, but these are totally worth it.

6. Skip, Jump + Lindy Hop Heel ($55): We’re not ones to stray away from big and bold colors, but every girl has to have some neutrals in her shoe closet. But as you can see, neutral definitely does not mean boring.

7. Platform T-Bar Sandals ($50): More contrasting straps? You read our minds. These heeled sandals have that elongating effect to make your legs look even longer and hotter than they already are.

8. Addy T-Strap Flats ($24): Coral is such a popular hue this year, and we can totally see why. These practical flats will add a bright touch of color to any outfit (we’d recommend a fun sundress!).

9. Metallic T-Bar Flats ($166): That beautiful shade of metallic blue, the intricate weaving… oh, we’re in love. These would look so great with a pair of slim black trousers.

10. Doris Arrow Smoke Flats ($76): Does this mean that jelly shoes are back?! Of course it does.

11. Mallory French Taupe Heels ($70): These taupe heels are so ladylike and elegant… you could basically say they’re Kate Middleton-worthy.

12. Pastel Gem T-Bar Sandals ($67): Gems have been running the jewelry world for a while now, and they’re slowly making their way over to shoes. We have zero problem with this.

13. Holland Leather T-Bar Heeled Sandals ($67): We really like the earthy feel these shoes have from the combination of wood and leather, and those studs are just the cherry on top.

14. Olivia Open Toe Sandals ($70): Peach is seriously trending this summer, so these heels would be an excellent investment. We’re loving that extra strap near the toes!

15. Suede T-Strap Sandals ($146): My goodness, all of our color dreams have come true. This is definitely the best shoe color block job we’ve ever seen.

16. Aisha Color Block T-Strap Heels ($229): These are also fabulously color blocked, but with more subdued shades. We’re calling it “neutral blocking.”

17. T-Bar Gladiator Espadrilles ($19): These neon beauties are ultra comfy and ultra stylish. They might leave you with a funky tan, but they’ll look so great with all your clothes that you won’t even care.

Bonus! Elsa Lobster T-Strap Sandals ($673): OMIGOD! You’ve got to admit — these are the cutest seafood-related shoes in the whole world. Go on, wear them to a clam bake.

What’s your favorite shoe trend of the season? Let us know in the comments below!