No doubt about it, #ManiMonday creates for an infinitely better work week. Not only are freshly painted tips a game changer in their own right, but they also make us instantly feel more put together. Heck, throw in a sparkly accent nail, and we could probably go forth and conquer the world. We’ve done all the scrolling and double tapping for ya — here are 15 ah-mazing nail art designs uncovered from our Insta feed.

Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 2.25.43 PM

1. Evil Eyes: Shoo away those bad vibes away with this half-moon evil eye mani. If you’re totally digging this nail art, check out our tutorial by SF Party Nails, which shows you how to do this exact mani. (via @sfpartynails)


2. Oh Happy Color: It’s no secret that we have a love affair with C-O-L-O-R over here at Brit HQ. For a happy-go-lucky mani, we recommend these half-dotted nails that incorporate the most cheerful palette. (via @misspopnails)


3. Geometric Nail Art: Stop it. Yet another stunner mani that’s speaking to our ever-colorful souls. We can’t decide what we like better: the bold geometric design or the quirky Spring Break-esque hues. (via @chelseaqueen)


4. Emoji-Obsessed: As we type this description, we admittedly want to throw in an emoji or two. Is this mani created from printable emoticon nail decals impressive or what? (via @abeautifulmessofficial)


5. Split Personality: For once, being indecisive over your mani of the week is a-okay. Whether you gravitate toward powder blue or hot pink, gold embellishment or starbursts, this mani by Madeline Poole allows you to walk to the beat of your own drum. (via @mpnails)

6. Katy Perry-Inspired: Like every other die hard Katy Perry fan who tuned into the Super Bowl halftime show, we too could not get enough of Left Shark. This mani pays homage to everything that #TeamPerry is all about. (via @thenailtrail)


7. Snowflake Half-Moon Mani: This wintery update on the classic half-moon mani has us singing, “let it snow, let it snow, let it snow” year ’round. (via @julepmaven)


8. Preppy Stripes: Cue the chambray shirts and pearls — this mani is calling to the prepster in all of us. Not to mention pink and red stripes are totally our jam. (via @missladyfinger)


9. Negative Space: All the cool nail girls on the block are doing it, and so should you. Negative space manis like this one are having a major moment, and for good reason. (via @karengnails)


10. One Rad Mani: “Olive your mani,” says anyone who scrolls through Olive & June’s ridiculously fun feed of nail art creations. Case in point: This coral and sky blue aztec manicure has Coachella written all over it. (via @oliveandjune)


11. Hearts on Hearts: While V-Day may be over, we’re partial to hearts year-round. Besides, we quite frankly can’t wait to get our hands on that top coat (appropriately named “Alexa hearts”) from Alexa Chung’s Nails Inc. collaboration. #priorities (via @nailsinc)


12. So Painterly: This watercolor-esque manicure makes us feel like an artist in disguise. Step aside, Monet — it doesn’t get much more painterly than these digits. Seriously though, look at those brushstrokes! (via @teamtopcoat)


13. So Sparkly: This mani is anything but basic. The nude base coat + lightly brushed glitter (on just the tips) is so simple, yet it has us all pondering “Why didn’t we think of that?” (via @_tat_)


14. High Drama: Minimalist nail connoisseurs, we hear ya! It doesn’t get much more streamlined than this updated French mani consisting of a matte base and glossy tips. (via @paintboxnails)


15. Wink, Wink: We spy a new nail trend coming; it appears that watchful eyes are officially considered a thing. For the makeup- and beauty-obsessed, look no further. You’ll be batting your pretty eyelashes at this one. (via @studiodiy)

Which mani are you anxiously waiting to replicate? Tell us in the comments below!