Ah, summer. You鈥檝e been waiting months for a vacation, so now is the perfect time to use that PTO to treat yourself to a much-needed trip. Whether you鈥檙e dreaming of something domestic or an overseas destination, these are the five best places聽to travel for good food, culture, adventure, and maybe a bit of R&R too. Scroll below to see where to buy your ticket to.

Glacier National Park

1. Alaska: While weather conditions can vary across the year, the state experiences its warmest temps during this season, making it an utterly gorgeous area to explore (without extra layers). The best way to take advantage of the expansive territory is to do it on a cruise. Older lines, like Holland America and Princess Cruises, have been running this route for years, while newer-to-the-scene ones like Celebrity Cruises and Norwegian Cruise Line offer the same epic sail. Regardless of which option you choose, be sure to catch visitor favorites like Glacier Bay National Park (one of the few areas across the globe where you can view massive glaciers up close), and scan the waters for a humpback whale or two. You鈥檙e bound to head home with some truly fantastic stories and unbelievable snaps to share with your friends.

Canggu, Bali

2. Canggu, Bali: Sun, surf, and sand abound in this coastal village situated on the southern tip of Indonesia. This time of year boasts great beach conditions with temperatures averaging an ideal 85 degrees daily. Lucky for surfers, it鈥檚 a haven for riding waves, with people traveling across the globe just to experience it for themselves. Newer resorts and accommodations situated along the beach line, like the magical Sejuk Beach Villas, make the visit even sweeter when it comes to this exotic and affordable spot 鈥 even if you鈥檙e strictly there for the breathtaking views.

Hilton Head

3. Provincetown, Massachusetts: Kick back and enjoy a colorful Cape Cod town in it鈥檚 v. best season, with lively crowds and comfortable temps. Provincetown is home to a prevalent LGBTQ+ community and has over 30 miles of iconic beaches, boutiques, and restaurants for visitors to explore. The town is bustling during the month of July, and if you want to skip the traffic, it鈥檚 easily accessible by ferry from Boston. Stopping by hot spots like Race Point Beach followed by a night of noshing on local seafood along the water at Fanizzi鈥檚 can all be done in one day鈥檚 time. (Just be sure to pack lots of sunscreen!)

Provence, France

4. Provence, France: Up for something fancy? Provence is your place. Although this southeastern region is pretty dreamy any time of year, July is particularly noteworthy for one reason 鈥 the lavender fields are in full bloom. You鈥檒l find nods to the purple flower everywhere including the scenery, decor, at farmers鈥 markets, and on the dinner table. Beyond these blossoms, this locale features many celebrated festivals in July like the French holiday Bastille Day. For fireworks and true French fare, it鈥檚 an occasion you won鈥檛 want to miss.

Pamplona, Spain

5. Pamplona, Spain: If you鈥檝e heard of the infamous Running of the Bulls (most notably documented by Hemingway), then you鈥檙e already familiar with this Spanish city. Starting the afternoon of July 6, the San Ferm铆n Festival kicks off, where over a million visitors will crowd the streets to be part of this iconic fiesta. Whether or not you鈥檙e one of the brave participants who鈥檒l wear red and white garb and run through the streets, the events, fireworks, and music to follow are still a sight to see. Throw in some fantastic year-round food and this destination certainly gives the bulls a run for their money.

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