Cutie you met on Tinder? Check. A dinner spot so perfect, even your horoscope agrees? Check. Date night makeup on point? You bet. You’re covered for the ins and outs of first dates — even places you should NEVER go (ahem, the gym). But all that preparation would be nothing if we didn’t discuss the main event (no, not that! ;) — the FOOD.

We’ve been primed to eat on dates since we watched Lady and the Tramp nail that whole spaghetti bit. And while it’s worth pointing out that feeling comfortable eating whatever you want to eat — however you want to eat it — is a telltale sign of the beginning of a great relationship, there’s never any harm in setting yourself up for delicious, romantic success.

5 foods to avoid on a first date


1. Sushi: The tough thing about sushi is that you HAVE to eat it all in one bite. Once you wrestle a roll into your mouth (all while trying to use chopsticks gracefully), there’s no turning back.

Chicken Wings

2. Buffalo wings: One word: SAUCE. Next word: SPICE. Three more: ON YOUR SHIRT.

Asian Chicken Noodles Stir Fry

3. Mystery Noodles: While we all know that there is something righteous about pad thai or pasta bolognese, this slippery food is also SUPER tricky to eat. Not only is there slurping usually involved, but you also risk a major spice alert. Order the wrong noodles and your whole mouth could explode.

Woman chopping onion on cutting board

4. Onions on Anything: Unless, of course, you weren’t planning on a smooch goodnight.

homemade pulled pork burger with coleslaw and bbq sauce

5. BBQ: We’re as American as anyone when it comes to loving BBQ, but it’s certainly hard to gracefully stuff a pulled pork sandwich in your mouth. If you can manage it, please send tips our way!

5 Foods to order on a first date

colorful penne pasta with parmesan cheese and basil

1. Pasta (But Not Spaghetti!): Lady and the Tramp definitely knew what they were doing when they hit up an Italian restaurant — candlelit atmosphere FTW. As long as you skip the extra long noodles, you’re solid.

fresh salmon fillet with fresh healthy

2. Seafood: Depending on where you live, seafood guarantees that you won’t be overstuffed or give you bad breath.


3. Burger: Burgers have two easy advantages: They’re easy to eat and are super delicious. It’s a win-win.


4. Steak: Because steak. Bonus: Steak pairs well with red wine, and who doesn’t love red wine?

Greek Mediterranean salad with feta cheese, tomatoes and peppers. Mediterranean salad. Mediterranean cuisine. Greek cuisine.

5. Salads: Albeit predictable, salads are a surefire choice because they’re easy to eat and nutritious, and they let your date know that you’re healthy (most of the time, anyway ;).

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