Yep, the Pride hangover is real, but today is Waffle Iron Day so hopefully you made some syrupy goodness before dragging yourself into the office for a (hopefully) four-day workweek. Your commute this week will be extra special because not only will it be July 4th weekend by the end of it, but we also included a bonus pick for ya since we were feeling so generous! Scroll down to check out the book, show, podcast, Instagram account, game and album you need for passing the time pre + post work over the next several days.

1. Killing Monica by Candace Bushnell (Available on Amazon, Barnes + Noble, Books-A-Million, iBooks + IndieBound): Fans of Sex and the City, the wait for your new must-read has finally arrived. In Candace’s newest novel, she spoofs and skewers our worship of celebs and endless love of pop culture with the help of her newest characters Pandy + SondraBeth. This is one pageturner centering around Hollywood — that most likely will hit the big screen — you don’t want to miss.

2. Big Brother 17: (Watch on the CBS app for iOS or Android): You knew everyone’s favorite summer guilty pleasure kicked off its 17th season last week, right?! If you were out of the loop and missed the first three episodes — they fall on Wed, Thurs + Sun, y’all —catch up this week on the train before you get too far behind and can’t keep up with the ever-changing alliances and endless twists already unleashed on the castmates. Come for dreamy eye candy Clay and stay for Georgia peach Audrey + sassy smart Da’Vonne. We need a lady to win this season. (Photo via @cbs_bigbrother)

3. Wink (Free on iOS): Feel like you just aren’t getting enough people staring at you on your commute? This new gaming app will totally do the trick. Say farewell to tapping and tilting that phone to get to the next level, because this one is all about your eyes. Using face recognition tech and your front facing camera, you weave the winking emoji through a neverending maze of text bubbles to get a high score. Wink with your right eye, the little emoji moves to the right and same goes for the left. Best part is that when you lose, the game captures that disappointing moment — similar to Ellen DeGeneres’ Heads Up! — for you to share with all your friends. Beware, this game is super addictive.

4. Happier With Gretchen Rubin (Available on iTunes, Soundcloud + Stitcher): If The Happiness Project and Better Than Before didn’t appease your appetite for guidance on living a stress-free and more enjoyable life, then Gretchen’s weekly podcast, co-hosted by her younger sister Elizabeth Craft, is the answer to your daydreams. Subscribe to this thought-provoking audio show to hear practical advice on things like buying experiences instead of things to discover how everyday elements lead to a happier life filled with good habits.

5. Follow @smcmennamy: We’ve seen a lot of mashups on Instagram recently thanks to Layout, but this feed is without a doubt one of the best out there. Occupy your travel time with Stephen McMennamy’s brilliant Insta-folio filled with juicy peach bottoms, bird-plane hybrids, donut headphones and more. These combos are way better than any that are served up at your fave fast food spot.

BONUS: Unbreakable Smile, Tori Kelly (Available on Amazon, Google Play, iTunes + Spotify): Please, please, please tell me you’ve heard of this curly-haired musical goddess! If not, go educate yourself STAT by listening to her full-length debut album, because this powerhouse vocalist is going to be the next big thing in the music world. With lady anthems like “Expensive” and “Unbreakable Smile” as well as songs all about love like “Should’ve Been Us” and “Nobody Love,” you won’t be able to help yourself but falling for this gal — and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. *puts on headphones and plays Unbreakable Smile on an endless loop*

Got any more commute essentials? Share your picks with us in the comments.