Oh hey 10 Ways to Style Series, did you miss us? It’s time to get back into the stylish swing of things here at Brit HQ, and we’re all about winter fashion. The best way to stay warm in the winter? Layer up, of course. And what better base for layering than a basic black long sleeve? Here are 10 ways to style it, including a hack that turns it into a high-waisted skirt!

It all starts with a basic black long sleeve. You can find these at the Gap, Old Navy, American Apparel, and pretty much anywhere that sells basics. As you can see, it was a bit rainy on our rooftop here in SF. But we braved it to bring you these chic seasonal looks!

1. All Buttoned Up: For this look, we took our typical black under-layer and put it on top of a button down. It’s just a little bit country. To go a little more country, try pairing with mid-height cowboy boots.

2. A Shift for All Seasons: Nothing like a good staple piece to keep you in style all year around. This festive red shift works in winter with help from a long sleeve and a pair of black tights.

3. Summer Remix: Breathe some wintry life into your favorite summer clothes by layered them over your winter wear. You can think of your black long sleeve shirt and black tights as a chic version of long underwear.

4. Cocktail Chic: Gotta have a cocktail look. This has a decidedly spanish look, with the ruffly skirt, bold patterned blouse, and heels that are just begging to samba.

5. Punk Princess: The 90s have been back for a while, and with that comes plaid, plaid, and punk! We love this chic look. Oh, and we turned the long sleeve into a halter! All you do is put on the shirt so that the neck sits above your bust, then use the sleeves to tie around your neck (or around the back for a tube top look).

6. Bundled Up Boho: Can’t bear to part with your hippie-fied maxi dress from summer and fall? Layer it up! Add a knot to the bottom to give it an edgier more playful look.

7. Apres Ski: In this case, you really are rocking your long sleeve and leggings like long underwear. This is a comfy outfit for an afternoon post-slopes, for heading to the gym in winter, or for bumming around the house on a lazy sunday.

8. Belt It! That’s right, we turned our long sleeve into a belt. Roll it up, wrap it around, and use the sleeves to create a knot at the front. A great solution if you’re packing light.

9. High-Waisted Skirt Hack: Another good one for a light packing fashionista, pull your shirt up around your waist and use the sleeves to create definition as a sort of built-in belt.

10. Woodstock 2.0: As children of parents who loved Woodstock, we love finding bohemian tops and necklaces and co-opting them for modern style. Layer a peasant top over a long sleeve, pair with jeans, heels, and a necklace (that we turned into a headband!) for city-ready hippie-inspired style.

What are your staple pieces for winter? What other garments would you like to see us style in 10 ways? Talk to us in the comments below.