We often find hair, beauty and clothing inspo from people whose style we love. Whether we’re after Audrey Hepburn’s famous eyelashes or trying to replicate the classic red lip that Dita Von Teese is known to rock, it’s fun to put your own spin on a look you’re really feeling. We can find inspiration in unexpected places too — really unexpected places — and Blake Lively just proved this with her latest Instagram post. She debuted a stunning hairstyle and the surprising place she found the inspo for it.


A *bush* inspired Blake’s killer knotted braid — how creative is that? That’s right, something in nature is to thank for this hair masterpiece, and it actually makes sense because of the intentionally imperfect, slightly messy nature of her ‘do. We love how instead of pulling inspo from the pages of a magazine, Blake found some outside and then brought it into her lovely locks. She captioned her Insta pic, a repost from hairstylist Rod Ortega, with #NatureInspiredHair #WhoWoreItBetterBlakeOrTheBush.” Now that we can’t quite say, but what we do know for sure is that it totally worked.

She pulled the top of her hair back into what looks like a volumized knot. Then, working her way down her head, she pulled back hair on either side into another knot. It looks like this process was repeated until she got to the nape of her neck, at which point the knots become looser and messier until they fade into the remainder of her hair. We love how there’s no hair tie used here either. When you’re getting hair inspo from nature, who needs a hair tie anyway?

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(Featured photo via Jamie McCarthy/Getty; photo via @blakelively)