Blake Lively certainly knows how to slay fashion-wise (not to mention stir up her fair share of controversy), but since finally admitting to being preggo with baby #2, she鈥檚 been dealing with some serious pregnancy cravings. But in a totally Blake way, she鈥檚 managed to link those cravings with perfectly matched makeup. Now that鈥檚 some tasty style, indeed.

Spending time this week filming a new L鈥橭real commercial, Blake took some downtime to enjoy a bite or 10 of some yummy treats. And while working on set, why not match your food with makeup, amirite? Posting a pic to Instagram, Blake added, 鈥淪pending my breaks on set of the @lorealmakeup commercial trying to pick the right makeup base for my doughnuts鈥 I鈥檓 gonna be fiiiiiine.鈥

No doubt you will, Blake, especially if you have more of those delish snacks to enjoy. We certainly would be!

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(h/t ET; photos via Neilson Barnard/Getty)