Thanksgiving weekend definitely had its major moments, from that legendary food spread (and epic leftover meals) to Beyoncé’s wise words that may or may not have helped you make the most flawless pre-turkey toast. But what thrilled us most over the long weekend was kickstarting holiday shopping by matching everyone on our nice list with goods from perfectly curated gift guides, including one handpicked by Blake Lively for her website Preserve. As with all things Blake, her 2014 gift guide is beyond dreamy, consisting of artisan-crafted odds and ends that would wow more than just other famous moms-to-be. Alongside a selection of gifts for tots are picks for the gent in your life, for foodies and of course for her/me/you, which span multiple hats: the one when you’re in full-on hostess mode (“the Lady”) *and* the one for the times when binge watching the day away under a cozy blanket is your M.O. (“the Homebody”). Swoon with us over the 12 prettiest Preserve holiday gifts that you can buy *or* DIY this holiday — because even a gift with a Blake Lively vibe is better than zero Serena VDW under your tree.

Gem Jewelry

1. ReStrung Jewelry Stone Bangles ($100): Add to your arm party with these stone-specked wire bangles that shine like tinsel wrapped around a tree. Get the same stone-flecked feel with a DIY version that uses metallic beads and colorful thread to create a statement stack. (tutorial via Honestly WTF)

2. Wild Air and Co. Triangle Half Pyrite Earrings ($32): Crushed pyrite adds a rough contrast to the polished triangle base on this mixed material drop earring that sparkles like a diamond (just without the bank-breaking price tag). Achieve that same amount of OMG glitz with this druzy-inspired tutorial that uses glass glitter to create the rugged, twinkling finish on delicate studs. (tutorial via Craftaholics Anonymous)

3. Mikal Winn Quartz Amethyst Cuff ($187): Chunks of quartz and amethyst look like they’ve been captured by tentacles on this heavenly brass cuff. Swap out precious gems for rhinestones for the DIY version — glue ’em to a plain cuff in a geometric pattern to get the biggest visual pop. (tutorial via A Pair & A Spare)

Boho-at-Home Vibes

4. Jon McCoy Designs Petite Votive ($225): If “glistening” falls more within your aesthetic than shine or glitter, this stone encrusted candleholder is made for you. Etsy is a goldmine for raw crystals: Grab pieces of the stone you vibe with best and glue them around the edge of hum-drum home items to turn them into stunning statements. (tutorial via Design Love Fest)

5. Farmaesthetics Dreaming Oil ($27): Sweet dreams are all but guaranteed with this Dreaming Oil made from calming lavender and soothing sage. If a drop on your pillow isn’t spa-like enough, whip up an aromatherapy bubble bath that combines similar warming essential oils and take a luxurious dunk before you drift off. (tutorial via Hello Natural Co.)

6. Lindsey Thornburg Los Ojos Trench Cloak ($1,350): Blake has made style statement after style statement with her winter coat selection this year, the main head-turners being oversized patterned cloaks. Save up for this splurge starting now, or DIY your own snuggly cape using the coziest flannel sheets you can find. (tutorial via Brit + Co)

Decor Pick-Me-Ups

7. Wolfum Paloma Tree Bookend ($62): This playful bookend isn’t just for the kiddos: a non-traditional bookend will add eye-catching appeal to any solidly stocked bookcase or make waves on a shelf or mantel in any room. Upcycle an old toy by chopping it in half and spray painting it a chic color for an immediate decor boost. (tutorial via Brit + Co)

8. Milk & Honey Mr. and Mr. Spoons ($25): Think of all the lazy Sunday mornings your newly betrothed besties will spend stirring their tea and looking into each other’s eyes — a scene as aww-worthy as the spoons themselves. Transform the hand-me-down silverware you already have by personalizing ’em with any saying — from “Coffee Addict” to “Happy Xmas” using a metal stamp set. (tutorial via Free People)

9. Farmhouse Pottery Silo Mix, Mash & Muddle Set ($120): Remember, every little thing in your home is an extension of your personal style, even the dishware. We recommend waiting it out for a showstopper like this two-toned ceramic bowl, but if you have to stock your cabinets stat, *do* chic up those plain pieces with a dip of gold paint. (tutorial via Brit + Co)

Hostess Heaven

10. Studio Mucci Holly Golightly Tassel Garland ($35): It’s not a party unless there’s garland involved, and Blake’s getting her crop of tassels from a Brit + Co favorite, Studio Mucci. These perfect poms are well worth the investment (especially when there’s also a giant balloon involved!) but if you’re bent on DIY-ing every last element of your bash, twist up and trim colorful tissue paper to get the look. (tutorial via Linen, Lace & Love)

11. Jacquelyn Vaccaro Swizzle Straws and Tags Set of 12 ($18): This might be the most clever way to keep track of *your* drink at a party. Have your guests follow suit by penning their names on the backs of these darling holiday-themed drink tags, or have them do the same on flagged swizzle sticks made out of wrapping paper clippings. (tutorial via Brit + Co)

12. Studio Mucci Pink Metallic Mini Octahedron Crystal Ornament ($25): These metallic ornaments are a foolproof way to glam up your tree or last-minute wrapped gifts, or to add glimmer to a winter wonderland-themed photo booth. Take the tinsel to the next level and make a geometric piñata (yes, you read that right) that’s guaranteed to become your family’s new favorite tradition. Make ’em mini and use them as too-cute party favors too. (tutorial via Best Friends for Frosting)

What gift guides are you *actually* shopping this holiday? Tell us where you get your gift giving inspiration in the comments below.