Choosing your honeymoon destination can easily be one of the hardest part about planning a wedding. Do you opt for something super relaxing like a week in Thailand? Or do you go for a super adventurous destination like New Zealand? Well, newlyweds Blake and MacKenzie decided not to decide and took the most Instagram-worthy four-month adventure across the globe to celebrate their union.

The Macks bought a OneWorld Round-The-World ticket, which allows you hop on board 16 different flights, so long as they all travel in one direction. The duo traveled to over 20 different cities, stopping at destinations like Tokyo, Easter Island, Chang Mai, Copenhagen, Lima and more.

In addition to creating a global trip that would work with their plane ticket, there was also some added planning due to the fact that they are a same-sex couple. Blake told Buzzfeed, “I basically have zero tolerance for pretending that MacKenzie and I are anything but romantic partners, so it was just better for everyone involved if we were strategic about LGBTQ-friendly governments, cities, neighborhoods, businesses, hotels, etc.”

The duo also had some major wisdom when it came to traveling independently as young women. “The type of fear that makes tourists extract sweaty currency from money belts and wear their backpacks like Baby Bjorns is not conducive to fully experiencing a place and its people,” said Blake. “We don’t mean to say that female travelers shouldn’t be careful, but we also think that part of embracing a place is not other-ing its people so much — trusting, if you’re able, that they aren’t out to get you.”

As if the envy-inducing Instagram wasn’t cool enough, the Macks also put together a super creative video montage of their travels. We watch as both Blake and MacKenzie jog across the screen running “all around the world,” which fittingly is also the title of the Justin Beiber song playing in the background.

If you and your partner want to copy Blake and MacKenzie’s trip for your own honeymoon, be sure to check out their travel blog for a thorough rundown of all the places they visited.

(Photos via @wearethemacks)

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