Way before you get behind the wheel of a smart, self-driving car, you can raise the IQ of another whip in your garage, your bike. With helmets that can map your mood and help with urban planning, locks that promise to never lock you out and bikes that route your rides for you, your two wheeler is the more affordable vehicle to the high tech, high safety future — and now it has the coolest light ever to lead the way, the Blaze Laserlight.

Let’s back up. The Laserlight is more than just a bike light. It’s a projector that fits on your handlebars and streams a bike symbol onto the street about 16 to 20 feet ahead of you. The small, easy-to-install LED light alerts cars, other bikers and pedestrians about to step into your path that you’re rolling up.

On your city commute or a spin through the country, whether nearing a corner or creeping up to an intersection Laserlight hopes to solve the problem of bikers getting stuck in vehicles’ blind spots. This could up the safety factor and pave the way for increased road sharing between two-and-four wheeled friends… as long as the green light isn’t so cool that pedestrians are rushing into the streets to see what the heck it is. If so, consider this post one part PSA. Admire the light, but stay out of its away, folks.

Unlike other cool products that we feel like we’re forever admiring from afar, you can actually order Laserlight now for $200 with plans to ship their next round this month.

Would you let Laserlight lead the way on your commute? How have you smartened up your bike? Share below!