Calling all boho brides who thrive in the unconventional, drool over Free People’s new bridal collection and carry a serious love for all things hand crafted: Your search for the perfect bridesmaids’ gifts is over. We’re sharing nature-inspired, customizable gifts that you can share with your BFFs as a sweet thank you for being there every step of the way. Whether they’re serious jewelry fiends or sport a green thumb, they’re sure to love these thoughtful presents.

1. Marbled Jewelry Tray Kit ($25): Give one of these DIY kits to each of your bridesmaids during your bachelorette weekend, and you’ll have a fun activity to do together, plus something to take home with you at the end of the evening.

2. Perro Paper Co Handwritten Quote ($15): If you and your bridesmaids share a favorite song lyric, Emerson quote, or a saying that is 100% unique to you, get those words handwritten and framed.

3. Gold Floral Tattoos ($6): Before walking down the aisle, have each of your bridesmaids sport a little extra sparkle with these gorgeous and fun floral tattoos.

4. DIY Flower Crown: Making a flower crown for everyone in your bridal party is a fun and thoughtful way to complete their wedding day or bachelorette party look — do ’em one better and gift them a kit to make their own! (via Brit + Co)

5. Alexandra Gioia Amethyst Slice Necklace ($74): Like the best bohemian accessories, these necklaces are simple, bold and involve a natural element. This glitzy necklace would look just perfect with any bridesmaid dress.

6. Lat + Lo Cuff ($84): This personal gift is inscribed with the latitude and longitude coordinates of a place that is meaningful to you and your bridesmaid. Whether it is your hometown where you grew up together or the city where you went to college, this gift is not only beautiful, but personal as well.

7. Hand-Stitched Zodiac Constellation Necklace ($68): Here’s an artistic and personal way to pay homage to your bridesmaid’s zodiac sign that’s also pretty darn adorable.

8. Ikat Metallic Fold Over Clutch ($48): Say hello to your new fave print. This clutch comes in various colors, and the metallic accent makes it an easy complement to any bridesmaid dress.

9. Living Pattern Print ($15+): Inspired by nature’s patterns, these prints are organic and bold. Your BFF will think of you every time she sees it on her wall at home.

10. Succulents ($3+): If you’re looking for something more natural, go for a succulent. Even your friends with the strongest brown thumbs won’t be able to kill it… probably. ;) (Photo via Jenny Does Weddings)

11. ThankYouSaurus ($70): Seriously, what could be more unconventional than a dino for your favorite house plant?

12. Patterned Coasters ($6): Geometric shapes and wood tables without water rings are two of a boho girl’s favorite things.

13. Janegee Handmade Soap ($8): These soaps are derived from nature and smell like heaven. If you’re planning a destination wedding, soaps are great because they’re easy to travel with and can even be used right away. (Photo via Jenny Does Weddings)

What do you plan to give your bridesmaids? Tell us in the comments section below!