Our favorite thing ever is diving into a book and reading for hours. We love wandering aisles of independent bookstores and flipping through brand new books. We dream of designing elaborate home libraries and even plan book-inspired weddings that only bibliophiles would understand. So as self-proclaimed book nerds, we are honoring Book Lovers’ Day with these handpicked gifts that are great for you and any avid readers in your life.

Polka Dot Book Pendant 645x429

1. Polka Dots Book Pendant ($24): How adorable is this handmade gold book necklace? It also has a cute compartment for pics that would be perfect for your fave book covers.


2. Jane Austen Sticker ($3): Austen fans, slap this sticker on your car, bike, suitcase or notebook and make it clear that you’re team Austen all the way.

Tequila Mockingbird 645x921

3. Tequila Mockingbird ($15): Combine your two favorite activities — reading and drinking — with this mixology book that pairs literary titles with killer cocktails. We recommend the Romeo and Julep for a refreshing mint julep with peach schnapps.

Card Catalog Socks 645x645

4. Library Card Socks ($10): These yellow knee socks declare your love for all things old school and library.

Harry Potter poster 645x645

5. Harry Potter Poster ($9): This downloadable print says it all. We heart Leslie Knope and Harry Potter, so we’re planning on putting this poster in our home library STAT.

Bookplate Stamp Kit_BritCo 645x645

6. Book Plate Stamp Activity Kit ($20): When you’ve got a nice collection of books, this stamp kit makes it easy to mark your territory and make sure your lending library returns back to you.


7. Powell’s Umbrella Mug ($8): If you haven’t made the trek to Powell’s, the legendary indie bookstore in Portland, OR, you must. If you have, then you know that this rainy day mug is perfect because Powell’s + reading + rainy day = the ultimate dream date for yourself.

Read all Night T-shirt 645x656

8. Read All Night T-Shirt ($20): The creators of this T-shirt must have read our minds of what would be our ideal vacay. Wear this tee with bookish pride.

Lego Bookmark 645x430

9. LEGO Metal Bookmark ($16): Everything is awesome when you have a bookmark that’s both functional and unique. If LEGOs aren’t your thing, the Cool Bookmark Etsy shop also has bookmarks shaped like cats, bicycles or even the Lone Star State.

Agate Bookend 645x645

10. Agate Bookends (set of 2 for $44): These jewel-toned beauties will add glamour to any bookshelf. Plus the stones come in green, blue or natural, so you can color coordinate with your reading material.

Vintage Books Print 645x645

11. Vintage Books Print ($59): Show off your love for books with this wall art that lovingly displays vintage books in their well-read, slightly worn-down covers. It’s perfect for achieving the industrial-vintage look.

Go Set a Watchman 645x968

12. Go Set a Watchman ($28): For a long time, Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird was her only novel, until the publishing world learned that her first manuscript pre-MockingbirdGo Set a Watchman — was unpublished. Set 20 years after Mockingbird, this book allows you to spend time with Scout and Atticus Finch all over again.

Book Was Better Tote 645x968

13. The Book Was Better Tote ($29): We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Every book lover knows that the book is always better than the movie or TV show, with some exceptions, of course.

Library Card Phone Case 645x645

14. Library Card Phone Case ($15): Library aficionados will go crazy for this phone case that pays homage to that long list of due dates stamped inside a recently checked out book.

What are you doing to celebrate Book Lovers’ Day? Tell us in the comments!