We already love our Costco memberships for everything from acai bowls to bulk packages of paper products and impossibly large quantities of frozen foods, but it may be a great spot too to get a hookup for a bikini-friendly vodka martini. Select Costco locations in California, Arizona, Nevada, and Colorado are currently carrying Slim Chillers鈥 frozen cocktails, which sound like absolute heaven. These boozy ice pops, spiked with premium eight-times distilled, charcoal filtered vodka, come in four flavors: Cosmopolitan (hey, it IS SATC-anniversary time!), Watermelon Lemonade, Appletini, and Lemon Drop.

Serve 鈥檈m up at all your summer pool parties, because while icy and refreshing, they are also boozy, containing eight percent ABV. Thankfully, one skinny stick won鈥檛 bust your diet with only 100 calories per pop. It鈥檚 a dessert and a cocktail, and you don鈥檛 even need to own or dirty any martini glasses. That sounds like an absolute win-win to us. If you don鈥檛 have a Costco membership, these ice pops are also available at spots like BevMo and Hi-Time Wine for roughtly $30 or, if you are really lucky 鈥 your local liquor store.

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(Photo courtesy of Slim Chillers)