Not all romantic relationships are meant to last forever. And sometimes, breaking up is the best thing to do聽(see: inspiring divorce selfies).聽Still, the sad feelings can be hard to ignore. 聽Good news: there鈥檚 a new app to help.


Jeanine Lobel, founder of Stila cosmetics, and therapist Jane Reardon got together to create an app that helps you get over a breakup fast. BreakupRx offers users journal prompts to help them express their feelings, tips on how to avoid bad relationships in the future and even a 5pm daily pep talk. The app touts itself as 鈥渁 30-day guide that delivers professionally developed self-help techniques in the tone of a trusted girlfriend.鈥

This app is basically a free digital self-help book written by therapists to help you navigate the first and hardest days of your breakup. The plan is for this app to eventually expand into a social network for its users. An online lonely hearts club where ladies can trash talk and empower each other with Rhianna gifs? We鈥檙e so there!

The biggest thing to remember with any breakup is that just because something ended doesn鈥檛 mean that it was a failure. Take time, either with an app or old-school analog, to really grieve and learn from the process.

Everything鈥檚 gonna be just fine.

What鈥檚 your favorite way to deal post-breakup? Tell us in the comments (especially if it鈥檚 a cocktail recipe)!

(Image via RX Breakup)