We really love bodycons, but they’re not exactly suited for these hot and sticky days we’ve been having. What do work perfectly for this weather, however, are breezy dresses. Not only are they basically the most comfortable things ever, but they maintain stylishness despite being loose-fitting. Here are 29 fabulous frocks to rock for the rest of summer.

1. Drop Waist Dress With Peplum Hem ($58): The peplum hem is a major trend this summer, and you can probably see why. It adds the right amount of playfulness to a dress or skirt.

2. Neela Dress ($88): Yes, you can still have a defined waist on a breezy dress! This dress is so chic and versatile.

3. Simple Life T-Shirt Dresst ($140): Macklemore wouldn’t even pay $20 for a t-shirt, but he probably wasn’t looking at one as stunning as this t-shirt dress. The bright, colorful print contrasts so well with the black sleeves and back.

4. Marine Life Halter Dress ($23): We can totally imagine walking along a beach in this marine-themed dress. That skinny halter neck is super classy and goes nicely with the delicate feel of the dress.

5. Premium Swing Dress With Embroidery ($124): We heart embroidery. It can take a garment from drab to fab in no time (though, we still would’ve liked this red swing dress without it).

6. Tribal Print Shift Dress ($23): LOVE IT! This is the most magnificent tribal print we’ve ever laid our eyes on. And we don’t use that word lightly.

7. Shift Dress With Contrast Pleat Back ($73): We’ve never seen a contrasting pleat back before, but we’re huge fans of this one. It kind of looks like a cape!

8. Bachelorette Dress ($88): This dress is basically the definition of wardrobe basics. And in case you were wondering (which you totally were), that large ruffle-like thing that flutters in the summer breeze is called a flounce. The more you know…

9. Brushstroke Print Shift Dress ($20): This brushstroke print perfectly captures the effortless look of these breezy dresses. It’s bright and interesting enough to be worn on its own without any jewelry.

10. Curve T-Shirt Dress in Botanical Print ($67): This botanical print is also busy enough to wear without jewelry. Though we’d never say no to a pair of sunnies as rad as this model’s.

11. Kamani Dress ($150): Newsflash! Off-the-shoulder tops are back and better than ever. Just check out this dress, with its beautiful Ikat print and flowy bell sleeves.

12. Dress in Floral Burnout ($92): This sunny floral dress would actually work for slightly formal events, such as a daytime party or a bridal shower.

13. Painted Rose Dress ($118): Once you try on this lightweight dress, you’ll feel like you’re wearing a cloud. It’s that comfy, but a whole lot more fashionable.

14. Curve Shift Dress With Pockets in Animal Print ($67): This animal print is pretty cool, but you know what the best part of this dress is? It has pockets!

15. Pintucked Cami Shift Dress ($25): This cami dress could also be dressed up with a cute updo and some shiny arm candy. See? Style and comfort can absolutely go together.

16. Strappy Dress With Dipped Hem ($41): All this dress needs is a flower crown and a pair of sandals for the ultimate modern flower child look.

17. Bootsie Dress ($148): How adorable is this? Those bows on the shoulders are making our hearts melt.

18. Curve Cold Shoulder Swing Dress ($73): Even your shoulders get to cool off with this floral number. Sounds like a good deal to us!

19. Prins Tunic Dress ($138): Tunic dresses are the masters of summer fashion, in that they can maintain a structured appearance and a breezy feel at the same time. Also, they always seem to come in the most unique prints, like this blurred one.

20. Swing Dress in Daisy Mono Print ($42): Colorful daisy prints are always fun, but this monochromatic print has such a dramatic effect. We still love color though, so we’d probably pair it with a bright pink pair of pumps.

21. Inez Swing Dress ($168): How’s that for mixing prints? And check out that embroidered hem!

22. Dress in Texture ($67): This dress might be made of a slightly thicker material, but it still serves the purpose.

23. Waverly Cocoon Tunic ($118): Another flowy tunic? We would never say no!

24. Maternity Swing Dress in Stripe ($42): Mamas-to-be need to cool off, too! This striped number is so nautical and summery.

25. Polka Dot Shift Dress ($20): It’s not that often that you see tiny polka dot prints like this one. We’d definitely like to see more of ’em.

26. Smock Dress in Sheer Texture ($73): This smock dress would also look super cute with a fresh floral crown. It’s so perfectly light and airy.

27. Floral Multicolored Shift Dress ($48): If you’d still like a little shape to your breezy dress, you could add a belt around your waist. This one comes with one!

28. Kimono Shift Dress in Pretty Floral Print ($105): We’ve shared this dress with you before in our kimono-style clothing roundup, but we just can’t get enough of it. As the name says, it’s quite pretty.

29. Sundress in Elephant Print ($58): Tiny elephants? Heck yes!

What’s your favorite way to cool off during the summer? Share your tips with us in the comments below!