You’re lusting after a new bike but can’t quite bring yourself to plunk down the money for a more attractive pair of wheels. Some of the new models are a serious investment! Good news: Brilliant Bicycle Co., an LA-based brand, is catering to the noncommittal. Customize a bike (models start at $299) and you’ll have the option to ride it around for up to 14 days before deciding whether or not to keep it. If you decide to return, you’ll get to keep all your cash.


Brilliant’s building process is tailored specifically to each buyer. And it couldn’t be easier. First, choose a riding style (versatile or relaxed) and type of terrain you’ll typically be riding on (flat, hilly or variable). Next, you’ll select your height range and color. After determining your set range of speeds, you’ve successfully built yourself a brand new bike.


Chic leather seats, candy-coated colors and a modern-yet-timeless vibe (partnerships with Madewell and Bonobos are both in the works) make these bikes as fashionable as they are functional. They’re also made in wind-powered facilities that use renewable energy in their manufacturing process.


We have a feeling you’ll want to take these cuties everywhere EXCEPT back to the factory.

Would you buy one of these bikes? Why or why not? Take a spin through the comments section and tell us.