We are all about the body positivity, y’all, and it seems like everyone from glossy mags to style brands are hearing our rally cry. While there’s been a lot of advancement in the messages we’re sending to women and men, sexual violence and body-shaming are still an all-too-frequent problem, especially in online spaces. To combat these negative messages, Australian and New Zealand celebs have come together to help educate viewers and encourage everyone to own their bodies.

The New Zealand-based campaign is encouraging women and men to have an open conversation about tough subjects like victim-blaming, revenge porn, consent and sexual violence. #MyBodyMyTerms was the brainchild of Villainesse founder Lizzie Marvelly. She brought on a team of volunteers to help create a short video that showcases people in the nude with the term #MyBodyMyTerms written on them. Each person tackles a different subject, like how survivors are never at fault in a rape crime, and sharing private messages and videos without consent is a crime.

The video has generated tons of hype, and Lizzie told BuzzFeed, “We’re all feeling quite stunned, frankly.” While most of the comments have been positive, Lizzie states that even if that one percent are negative, at least they are talking about the cause.

You can promote the campaign by using the hashtag #MyBodyMyTerms. Lizzie wants everyone to talk about these topics with their friends, family and coworkers. By helping spread the word, people can learn and understand how to make the right decisions for themselves and erase shame and fear.

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(Photos and video via Villainesse and #MyBodyMyTerms)